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da beach


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anybody here planning to hit up the beach sometime this summer? I live in CT so the closest option is either the shore, or driving over to Rhode Island. my friend has some wild stories from when he had a cottage at Misquamicut Beach

but yeah, I need to spend some time outside and maybe do a couple crunches beforehand

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fuck you and fuck that :(

fuck me? no. fuck that? yeah... thats why im going out there.


Oceans are the shit. Swimming pools aren't even anywhere near as fun.

yeah... the ocean is cool, but the gulf coast beaches in florida are so much better.

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I'm going to the beach in Florida, when I go on vacation...Galveston's water is too dirty. I wish I could go back to the Bahamas this summer. :(

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yes definitely

every year during the summer i like to go to beaches in vancouver like kits and jericho with friends.

do you skimboard? I knew a few guys from BC who did it a lot. Me and my friends are just picking it up down here.

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What's Ocean Shores like? Had planned going out there a couple times, and staying the night...but it never happened.

Its really fun if youre with a fun group of people. Especially if theres a storm going on.

Lots of mopeds, wildlife, beach driving, tons of hotels and hole in the wall stores. Its like going back in time. Surfing is getting more popular too. Plus you can keep busy for hours by getting caught in a rip tide!

I like how they make it a policy not to allow traffic lights and big box stores in the city. Keeps it quaint and interesting.

Weve gone the last 2 weekends in a row. Got my friends hooked on it and they want to go back again pretty soon here.

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what part of jamaica?

riiight near da beach.

i dont relly care much for the beach, its an hour away, and not tons of fun.

anyone here heard a french person with a thick accent try to say "the beach"? it rules.

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