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its ok, stauskas was hitting those 3s and thats what i wanted to see.



we got that OUTSIDE SHOOTA




1. lose ramon sessions

i was at last nights game... sessions is definitely better than players we've had in recent history but collison outshined him so much more... i think they should run collison as starter and mccallum behind him

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im a huge collison since i was a classmate of his at ucla and he helped me win $200 in my 2009 fantasy league but he's definitely a player who is too good to be a bench player but not good enough to start and doesnt have the characteristics you look for in a 6th man


he had a good game but i think he'll probably end up playing how he did in his tenures with indiana and dallas


sessions is also another talented limbo pg in that sense


i really think they should have kept isiah as his contract seems very very reasonable.

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UCLA ALUMNI HERE! we have 3 players from ucla - hollins, collison, and david wear (LOL!)




last nights game was good. stat sheets looked good, 6 players with double digits is a big improvement. still needs to improve on the turnovers. 20 is just too many. 


but im happy with the team finally after all these years. i actually dont miss isiah. the dudes good, but i think 6 players scoring double digits means the ball is just moving better.



edit: shit. if embidd is like healthy with noel, its like the new twin towers. 

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