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show me your clarks!


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And the best analogy i could think of is:

Wallabees = Air Huarache 2k4

Padmore = Air Total Package

The clerk at the outlet told me that basically the padmore is like the "poor-man's" wallabees.

Poor man's wallys may be an accurate term, but for 50 bucks, you really can't go wrong. I actually own a pair of regular sand wallys as well as the outlet sand "padmores" and the latter gets alot more wear. I actually like the rubber sole as it isn't as hard as it may seem and actually quite comfortable. On the plus side, the soles aren't shit magnets like my other pair which has hair, food particles, and other gross shit attached. The sole on the padmores will probably never wear out. But hey, some like that shit on there with the discoloration and whatnot but I prefer a cleaner look I guess since the suede has its fades and shit already. Anyways, I wore em today and as you can see, they look exactly the same as your normal wallys! so dont hesitate to buy a pair if you get a chance. they'll probably last you forever.


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Im a sucker for anything made from ballistic nylon, so when I saw these going for 30 quid I couldnt resist.


Can you post a better picture of those? Ive never seen them before.

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ps if anyone ever gets the box-liner tissue paper stuck onto the sides of wallabee soles (as above) the best way to get rid of that stuff is to just take a wet towel/cloth and gently/slowly rub the stuff, it sort've just dissolves. it can be a nightmare otherwise.

Word. And if your soles are too sticky (and picking up hair and fuzz and shit) just sprinkle talcum powder on them.

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Great thread.

I'm a newbie when it comes to posting on Superfuture, not when it comes to Clarks.


Has anyone ever had a problem with crepe soles getting really hard? I have some pretty old wallabees and the sole is like a rock (well almost like a rock, just harder than usual)



It softens up rubber.

After ruining two of my Irish pairs, both had hardened crepe soles and cracked under the balls of the feet, I decided to do some research on softening rubber. Using Google, I found quite a few suggestions, including this:

WD-40 will soften rubber up like nobodies business...

Take a rock hard piece of rubber... put it in a zip-lock back with some WD-40... and let it sit for a day or three... check it daily... too much will make ti balloon up like, well... a balloon!

So I decided to try the stuff.

First, I packed the suede uppers in cling film and taped them so they wouldn't get stained. Then I laid the shoes bottoms up and sprayed the soles with a generous amount of the stuff. Next step was to pack the whole shoe in cling film so the WD40 wouldn't evaporate. Left them sit for 24 hours and unpacked them.

The soles had softened considerably. The stuff seems to have worked its way through the first 1/4 inch of the rubber. Hope it will gradually sink in further though and soften the whole block.

Anyway, it seems to have done the job sufficiently. The sole units can be flexed now, and especially the outsole part feels soft and bouncy. Minor downside was they smelled of WD40 for a day or two, but no biggie. Already wore this pair 3 times, and I get the feeling the softened crepe doesn't wear as fast as hardened rubber would.

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Here is a pic of Skull 5010xx and beeswax wallabee:


BTW, the deal I posted that was available from shoebuy.com is dead...they jacked up their price.

Fortunately, I noticed a good deal on wallabees from shoes.com when I was looking for a pair of desert boots. Wallabees for $74.49 shipped after all is said and done. Use the coupon code: APRILSAVE for 15% off their regular price of $109.99. You'll get another $19 back by using a rebate website if you want. PM me if you want to use the rebate site and I'll give you a referal link (which benefits me too).

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i'd say you have 3 options:

1. buy a new pair

2. go to a shoe repair shop and have them put on some kind of wedge / heel tap to restore the balance/shape of the sole

3. go DIY-style and build up the sole w/shoe goo: turn the shoes upside-down, wrap masking tape around the edge of the sole, apply generous helping of shoe-goo and kind've let it fill the masking tape reservoir you've made, until it's level w/the rest of the sole. or use an old pair of wallabees and cut a chunk of the crepe sole off and glue it onto your pair and somewhere in the mix carve it to the shape you want.

i'd go w/option 1 :)

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