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it does but i want one wing higher than the other which the flathead logo does. also, more cartoony haha. i think it'd be awkward to have such a serious tattoo.

to be honest, I they are both pretty stupid as ideas for a tattoo,

was just saying the redwings logo was a better logo.

just make a sticker for your locker or something and be done with it.

while you're at it, become a Bruins fan.

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Speaking of Chinese gods, I want to get a tattoo of the greek god Ares.

Although, I am having trouble of how to do it, the only notable picture references to him are pictures taking of his statue


Any idea/suggestions?

Any input is appreciated.

Oh yeah, I want to get it on my shoulder going down, but not past my elbow. I wanted to get him in kind of like an "epic" scene with a cool looking background. Im just kind of confuzzled on what to do.

Edit: stumbled on more pictures from ancient stuff




I like the picture of him kneeling, but i want a sleeve of kind of a scene thats happening. And yes, I am greek.

more info here


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I like the picture of him kneeling, but i want a sleeve of kind of a scene thats happening. 

I think something in this classic greek pottery style could look either really good or awful. A sleeve done in the kind of storyline style might work.

Being who he is, a tat of him kneeling doesn't really fit Ares in my opinion. Bring this type of drawing to an real artist, tell him what you want, and have him draw something in a similar style. Ares in the trojan war or killing Adonis or Halirrhotius or something.

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hey thanks guys, yes egpt i did. i had another idea when i was younger to get the outline of the country poland.. which is an awful idea, looking back. another person suggested i get an anatomical diagram of the muscle i'm missing, but i didn't like that as much.

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but if you do an upside down cross then dun slap yourself ^__^

I have an upside down cross candle tattooed on my leg. WANNAFIGH'ABOUTIT!?

I need more tattooz. get paid on friday. perhaps....?

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you got any? one - you regret them? nah

you wanna get some? lots more

what are your design ideas? thighs and feet

played out? never

too out of style? nahh

coolest tats youve seen? http://www.nickbaxter.com/tattoos/

here's my side piece. still gotta get it touched up and some more white added to the tiger.


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