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what are you eating today?


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Did you utilize any bacon fat as a substitute for the butter? I have a mason jar of bacon fat and I've always wanted to use it for ice cream.

No, no bacon fat or butter, just a 50/50 mix of milk and heavy whipping cream. Use the bacon fat to saute onions and squash or green beans for that down south cookin'

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wht is that? a fruit? looks crazy.

it's a fruit i found out about when i went to thailand about 3 years ago. it is by far my favorite fruit, it has a really unique taste but it seems familiar when you first try it (that was my initial thought, its hard to describe though). i think (not sure) you can find some in nyc (dean and deluca, that kind of thing) or maybe chinatown? not too sure. my mom bought these for me, i dont know where though.

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after a long, stressful day i went to whole foods and tore the shit UP with some comfort food. chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, clam chowder, southwestern corn salad shit, chocolate chip cookies, and a blue moon to wash it all down. BANGIN.


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mangosteen looks good! They are so rare to find here, the fresh ones anyway.

Gotta grow them yourself mannn.

I dunno, I was raised on growing your own semi-exotic shit. Like papayas and kiwis and shit.

Except we did have one orange tree...and a lemon tree...

Will take pics of thooooose next time. :)

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tg76 wow that lamb meatloaf on mashed potatoes looks so fucking good! +REP!

ate this burrito for lunch/dinner from burrito bros

chicken,black bean,cheese



no visuals of the rice and beans that came with it

made some salad with ginger earlier tonight


ate about an hour ago


eating this raw right now


contemplating making ramen noodles with an egg over easy on top...

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i believe it was 14 bucks for around 20. yeah it is pretty expensive, well worth it though.

Imagine having to pay this for all your fruit, or more.

I pay something like $3 for a single grapefruit, $3 for shitty apples, $10-20 for a little pack of cherries or grapes, I was eating these pretty good $7 tangerines this winter, avocadoes are $5 each, and a good nashi pear is about $5....

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I got a head of cilantro, some old tortillas, some fresh guacamole I made, eggs, bacon, some frozen hasbrown patties, and a half of an onion I gotta use up, so it's breakfast burrito time, maybe I'll take a pic.

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found out I didn't have tortillas, so I just made a little fry up. SOme eggs that I fucked up again (don't hate), some hash browns, bacon, blistered some cherry tomatoes in the bacon grease with some cracked pepper, some fresh guacamole, and some onions and cilantro


edit: my girlfriend just walked in with fresh tortillas -_-

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now i feel bad for throwing out a whole packing box of organic crispy apples

my favorite apple is the Braeburn (and I'd seriously pay $5-10 for one at this point), we have nothing like that here, not even Granny Smiths, nor many other fruits and veggies. It's a really sad state of affairs.

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