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Going to be in Paris for the 1st time the middle of March. Was looking for any places that play current rap/hip-hop that isnt a shit show.....im going to see Brent Faiyaz while im there as well.

If there is an area that maybe caters to that energy, that would be awesome to find. 

also, any restaurant recommendations. I'm eating at Clown Bar and Septime while I'm there as well, so that might give you an idea of the kind of things i think i might enjoy there. Nothing too stuffy, but fantastic food. 

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I just wanna let everyone be aware that some people (professional thieves) go to the lounge in Parisian hotels when no one is looking. I know the lounge has a key card but during breakfast, it tends to be open. Then they steal stuff from you when you get stuff at the breakfast table. Experiences it myself at Le Meridien hotel in Paris.

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