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  1. Paris shopping, eating, drinking and living

    Going to be in Paris for the 1st time the middle of March. Was looking for any places that play current rap/hip-hop that isnt a shit show.....im going to see Brent Faiyaz while im there as well. If there is an area that maybe caters to that energy, that would be awesome to find. also, any restaurant recommendations. I'm eating at Clown Bar and Septime while I'm there as well, so that might give you an idea of the kind of things i think i might enjoy there. Nothing too stuffy, but fantastic food.

    i just wanted to post in here b/c i havent since 2006 and stumbled back across this site...and remembered my username and password. ha hope everyone has been doing well these past 10 years.
  3. Atlanta this weekend?

    Seriously...thanks so much!!
  4. Atlanta this weekend?

    So im taking a girl i just started dating to Atlanta this weekend...she has never been and everything ive been to Atlanta its for work and i dont really know it too well. we are staying at the glenn hotel and going to an atlanta hawks game...wanted to maybe go to the aquarium...just wondering what else would be of interest this weekend? some bars and restaurants we should check out near our hotel? she enjoys art and live art shows and decent dance music nonsense, she like dubstep stuff and hiphop sort of vibe if that makes any sense. what bar is good on friday? anything else going on Saturday as well? thanks.
  5. I need new music?

    man i haven't posted on superfuture in awhile. ...but, i need new music, i want to make a mix CD for my wife. something for her to obsess over pretty much, like some top40/pop music....some stuff along the lines of little boots,justice, the dream, la roux and maybe some new urban artists like kid cudi and things like that.just new really good music...even some new indie rock bands too....maybe something like empiren of the sun and so on.... sorry im no good with this new stuff. but i know she would appreciate it. thanks so much!
  6. ARMTH x rehacer x UBIQ Fatima ??

    So i dont check the internet as much as some, so i was too slow in order to pre-order these shoes...does anyone know where i can get a pair, say size 9.5 ? http://zozo.jp/shop/armth/goods.html?gid=349467
  7. Minneapolis?

    i stayed at the graves 601 hotel. super nice by the way! ...again i was only there for little more than two nights and i was working as well.....but we ate at some random places.....pizza luce for lunch one afternoon (really good sandwiches) and i ate at wasabi near the univ one night (it was ehhh) ....but then we ate at 20.21, super good!! seriously good....and then some place called alma. that was super good too....minneapolis you guys have some good little restaurants for sure. but ill be back hopefully in the next few weeks. what else should i look into? nightlife wise this time?
  8. Minneapolis?

    Whats good for restaurants? bars? nightlife? im going to be there for work from tomorrow (tuesday) till friday the 22nd. any help would be great. thanks.
  9. vacation advice superthread

    has anyone ever been to Roatan before? its that little island off the coast of Honduras. and what are some beaches i should maybe check out in central america as well...maybe some islands as well. thanks.
  10. vacation advice superthread

    Ok, so im trying to decide where i want to go with two friends come december for a trip...i need some help. we were thinking of South America or maybe Mexico. what are some places we should check out in SA that are relatively inexpensive and alot of fun...amazing beachs? i know this is such a broad question. or if anyone can recommend somewhere that is amazing in late December that is alot of fun and fairly inexpensive.
  11. creating samples?

    id rather not...as lame as that sounds...but when i get the samples created, ill be more than willing to post some images and pass off a few pairs for feedback.
  12. creating samples?

    for sure...hopefully ill be able to just send out a bunch of pairs to friends around the world, just to get some honest feedback and any changes i might need to make before i try and hit the ground running with a final product.....if anyone wants to help with the process, that would be fantastic too.
  13. creating samples?

    thanks so much! but yea, i think ive gone as far as i can go without actually creating a physical sample. I have numerous sketches, material swatch books, 3d imaging and all that fun stuff....im ready to go forward and create some samples. and ill defiantly send mr.kuchinsky a message. thanks.
  14. creating samples?

    oh and werent you the one who started the thread about people making there own clothes? and then asking people to post pictures of it? hmmmm.