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A frequently asked question is related to the waist size. All DH MIJ Raw jeans are half tagged size plus one when laid flat. A 27 is 14.5" flat, a 28 is 15". A 30? 16". I hope you get the idea.

The hem for a size 30 19cm is 18cm, a 29 is 17.5cm, a 28 is 17cm, a 31 is 18.5cm. For a size 30 21cm, it's 20cm. And so on.

Dior Homme Jeans will stretch about an inch or so.

The thighs on a pair of MIJ 19cm's measured at the crotch change by .25" as you go up and down sizes. A pair of 32's is 12". 31 is 11.75. [/b]

By now you probably know what this thread is all about. I run a proxy service out of NYC, mainly for Dior Homme, but I can really get anything that's sold in NYC.

Dior Homme Raw Denim is the item that is most asked for. Right now they're $378 shipped anywhere. Due to the recent price increase at Dior, and the fee increase with Google Checkout, the prices will go up to $395.

When I say Dior Homme Raw Denim, I mean the Made in Japan (MIJ) jeans. They come in Indigo and Black, in the 19cm and 21cm cuts. Sizes 27 and up.

If you want to pay by Google Checkout, it's $395. Paypal will be $410

I ship via USPS Priority Mail by default, it's relatively fast and customs are not a problem, no one has paid more than like $5 in customs. And for jeans that cost almost $400, that's not that bad ;). If you want them faster, I can ship USPS Express (EMS) for an extra $17.

A very important warning: Priority Mail is uninsured. EMS is insured. 99% of the time, there is absolutely no problem with delivery times or receiving the items you ordered. There is that slight chance (4 out of about 450 in my experience with shipping over the past few years) that you may not get the package. If you do not get Express mail, if the item does not arrive, it is not my responsibility. Again, this rarely happens, but I'm putting it out there, because I can not afford to give out a few hundred dollars because you did not wish to pay for insurance (EMS). If you ask me to mark the item at $30, USPS is going to refund about that much if there is no insurance on the package. I will not take the rest out of my pocket, Again, there is a very very low chance of this ever being an issue, but I need to make this clear.

Priority Mail does NOT include tracking information. Just a delivery confirmation number. If you check the number online, odds are you're not going to get any useful information. It takes 6 to 10 business days on average for delivery (sometimes more, sometimes less). Please do not PM me asking why your "tracking number is not working" unless you actually opted for EMS and a tracking number.

If you want something other than the MIJ raws, send me a PM. If you want to buy a pair, I prefer that you use Google Checkout. Just PM me your e-mail address and I'll shoot you an invoice. If you want to use PayPal (and again, I strongly encourage you to use Google Checkout), send payment to

Do not ask me to get you a pair of raws "pre S/S 08." The S/S 08's are exactly the same as the 07's, 06's, 05's, etc.

There is a 17.5cm stretch raw jean, in dark indigo and dark grey $510.

The Super Slender Jeans from S/S '07 are back as well. They're now 17.5cm Available in Black AND in White. $450

There is also a new model, the Ultra Slender Jeans. Same colors and cut as the Super Slenders, but they're thinner, and they're $40 more, making them $490.


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if im an actual 33, should i go for tagged 30s?

IIRC Neuman did just that when I sold him a pair of black raws last month, 33 waist to a 30. He said that they were tight as fuck at first (which is no surprise), but they did stretch out enough

nice! any black raw available? 21 or 19cm?

As I said, they are for the same price (unless you want a sz 34 or 36 19cm, they're 286/292 International). Some of the sizes are sold out right now (29 21cm for sure, but I think thats it for black raws), but odds are I can get any size from 27 up.


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big up to Grapist, ordered some DH from him last week and got it in a few days, wearing them at work right now!


the waist on these measure about 2" larger than what the tag says. i think (and please correct me if i'm wrong), if you:

size down 2, the waist will be fitted and the legs will be on the slimmer side.

dont size down, the waist will be loose (wear a belt) and the thighs wont be as tight but the leg will still fit slim because thats just the way the pants are cut (19cm).

anyone who disagrees, please correct me if i am wrong


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wow.. hope you will still provide this service next month.

I will. But judging from the amount of requests I'm getting, I'm going to have to start charging a bit more (like $10 a pair), just because I'm going to have to take multiple trips to more than one shop, and possibly take cab fairs. A lot of guys want these jeans!

are the made in japan diors still selvedge denim?

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