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What other kinds of pants do you wear other than jeans/denim

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Lately i've been noticing that unless i absolutely have to, i'll only wear jeans.

I love the way jeans fit and look, and that they're easier to take care of. Of course i wear dress pants , and the like when its neccesary, but i find alot of other kinds of pants devoid of character. ie. khakis.

What other styles do you wear? chinos, cargos etc?

and what brands make good chinos, etc , i really have no idae

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Jeans I do wear year round, heavier fabric for fall/winter, lighter fabric for spring/summer. Otherwise, usually wool trousers for winter, khakis/linen for spring/summer, corduroy for fall/winter. There're also dress slacks for work, same type of deal as jeans for seasonality. Lately, more often than not I just grab a pair of jeans when there's no special demand to wear other things. I DO make an effort to rotate my jeans though icon_smile_big.gif. I've been in this groove for a few years now, maybe I need to start wearing some really funky shit.

There's another thread dealing with khakis started recently, just scroll down.

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  • Luisa via Roma (US)
    Brand - 125 x 125