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  1. Has to be one of the darker colorways or black. Jackets from 08 or 09 only, winter with the wool funnel neck. Cash ready to go. I'm located in Europe.
  2. skecr8r

    FS: Early Seasons Dior Homme

    Hi, Haven't posted in a bit. Have some old pieces I don't ever wear anymore. I've been out of clothes shopping for ages at this stage so I've decided not to post prices on my stuff, but I'll accept any reasonable offers really. I know DH Isn't as coveted as it once was but maybe somebody still wants some of the better pieces. I figure I can ship worldwide for around 22$, but if the figure deviates substantially I will either pay you the difference or whine about it. I don't own a camera (not hip enough), but I will work on borrowing one to get some pictures. Now to the sale. S/S 04 'Strip' Black Ripped Denim Vest, size 48 Iconic piece of DH here, really nice condition. The denim is still fully covered by wax and perfectly kept. Worn with care. You all know this. Offers A/W 02 'Reflection' Brownish Ripped Turtleneck, size S Hard to find sweater here in 100% camel wool. Beautiful rips over right shoulder, front and left arm. Was worn on the runway a few times. The sweater is warm yet not itchy, and has extra long sleeves (albeit not as long as on the runway, in my opinion) and is a tad oversized in that nice way sweaters should be. I've only worn it twice since getting it so it is practically unworn. Really a beautiful piece. You can see it in this video in the black/white noise colourway around 0:28: Offers A/W 03 'Luster' Black Triangular Cut-out Shirt, size 40 Very nice shirt here, in the deep black with an horizontal hourglass-shaped cut-out in the chest area in the front where the classic, soft cotton material has been replaced by slightly shiny and see-through fabric. Very rarely worn, but I remember it to fit slighty small. Was worn repeatedly on the runway. Has the short front and the longer back for perfect fitting into tight jeans. This one doesn't have the darts on the back due to the construction of the shirt. Offers S/S 03 'Follow Me' Black Bee Shirt, size 40 One of the earliest bee shirts, in very good condition and also slightly on the small side. White bee embroidery where it is supposed to be. Also a classic, but I don't know if people still wear the small bee insignia. Offers S/S 04 'Strip' Black Silver Print Shirt, size 42 New with tags. Also in the amazing early shirt fabric and a big, abstract silver print covering the right-chest area. Around 8x8 inches in total size. Despite never wearing it I have tried it on, and it is definitely a small 42, most likely a real 41. Offers People can contact me at iam AT theminiaturist.org
  3. Is the first top stretchy? And if the guy who wants the drapy top decides not to go for it, I'll take it, Djrajio.
  4. Chris, excuse me for being annoying, but I am quite interested in the drapey cardigan and the static tee. All I need to know is the length!
  5. God I am consequently too late on this site.
  6. skecr8r

    Martin Margiela Gumsole sneakers (size 44)

    Nobody wants Margiela sneakers for 80$ shipped? PM'ed you.
  7. Bump. Hit me up with offers on all this stuff. I'll let it go for cheap. CdG tee sold.
  8. Bump. I really don't need this stuff anymore, so any offers would be very interesting. Let me know if you think the prices are way off, also. Thanks
  9. ******* NEW PIECES (25/03 2007) ******** Levis MIJ Raw Slim-fit Jeans 30x32 Kinda cool style, I bought this model around its introduction a few seasons ago, the original and still the best, if you ask me. Beautiful, nice denim and a cool "not-too-slim" fitting. Retail was around 120-130$. Asking price: 60$ Edwin Distressed Selvage 30x34 Beautiful pair of loose-fitting Edwin jeans, from the mid-90s. If you like loose fitting jeans, these are simply awesome. And the denim is a really nice, thick weave with beautiful aging and distressing. Retailed around 200$. Asking price: 85$ D&G Cotton Crewneck Sweater Medium Kinda nice, lightly distressed cotton sweater from the Dolce & Gabbana subbrand D&G. I wore this once, spilled oil on it (the spots), and later accidently hit the left arm with a ballpen. Good job. Original was something crazy like 250$. Asking price: 30-40$ Commes des Garcons "Play" Heart Tee Small SOLD SOLD SOLD Just one of the regular, cool CdG Play shirts. It's really tightfitting and nice, and the print + heart logo is just awesome. Only selling this because it's too small. Retail was a bit over 100$ Asking price: SOLD Jil Sander for Bergdorf Goodman Crewneck Elasthane Small Kinda cool for layering, and good for summer. I got this a year ago, I think, from someone. Retail was probably something insane. Asking price: 50$ "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" Striped Wool Sweater Medium Nice stuff form danish label GTP. Good quality, nice fit, cool stripes. Just nice Retail was 160$. Asking: 70$ Deep V-neck Leather Detailed Top Unfortunately, this is really my style, but at the same time I'm getting tired of looking so glittered up and gay, so some of my wardrobe really needs to go. This is otherwise such a cool piece, wear it with at tanktop etc, really damn nice. I'm gonna miss it if this goes. The spots / dust in the picture is due to the lightning. Retail was 230$ Asking price: 110$
  10. skecr8r

    WTB: Dior high top leather sneakers.

    How much are you willing to offer? A friend of mine have them NIB, white 42.
  11. skecr8r

    FS: Oversized hooded hoodie. Cheap.

    A hooded hoodie! <3
  12. Strip blazer is SOLD. R4L - Feel free to make an offer if you really want something. I will probably sell for less The brown turtleneck: Length: 60 cm Shoulder: 41 cm Pit-to-pit: 45 Serial: 5HH3057305
  13. Letting go of a lot of stuff. expect an update when my camera is done recharging (... shitty camera). Prices aren't set, I do not use most of this and I will take fair offers into strong consideration. So hit me up if you like anything! The DH has been for sale on the group for sometime, so you might be able to make a good deal. New deal: all the prices listed includes WORLWIDE shipping. So the price you see is your total :-) Dior Homme Luster Shirt 40 Sick, rave piece. You know this is good. Triangular glittering details, hidden placket, small collar. Definitely fits smaller. Retail was 400$+. Looking for: 200-250$. Dior Homme Brown Turtleneck Small Fits small. Nice piece, it's made out of cotton - good for spring. Retail was around 170$. Looking for: 80$? Strip 50 Black 2-Button Blazer SOLD SOLD SOLD Classic DH stuff. If you just want the perfect fitting blazer, perfect material, take this. It's the unbeatable staple that everybody bloody needs at least one of. Retail was definitely around 1.500$. Looking for: SOLD Kris Van Assche S/S06 Blazer size 50 Has a smoking-shirt collar which can be attached and de-attached. 1 button, 100% lightweight wool, produced the same place as Dior Homme, however a more regular fit. Retail: 850$ Looking for 3-400$. Xavier Delcour white hoodie, size S White print hoodie from A/W05 from now closed fashion house Xavier Delcour. These pieces are produced in a regular, thick cotton with a awesome faded print. It is really short and tight-fitting, wouldn't recommend it to anyone with a long torso. Retail: 270$ Looking for 125$. Burberry Fuchsia Cotton Jumper Deep fuchsia roundneck jumper form the 'London' collection. I love the fit, and the material is nice. Has a little horse embrodery. Bought in Berlin for 209€ = 250$. Looking for 125$. Walter von Beirendonck Cotton Print Hoodie Medium From one of the original Antwerp Six designers, this hoodie is a masterpiece. It is simply a stunning, awesome piece that never goes out of style, with a heavy print and cool red lettering on the arms. It is from S/S05, and I doubt it was produced in too high numbers. Retail was around 350$. Looking for 175$. No-name Rolling Stones Print Tee XS/S Dunno. I really like the print, and the fit is nice, however it is really tiny. Small or X-small would fit this. Looking for ... ? 15$? Mail me: [email protected] Updates already on their way. :-)
  14. skecr8r

    MHI black hoody -small

    How much the two obey scarves, shipped to Denmark? EDIT: LAST one.