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Was it really that bad last time the yeezy parade was in town? It would be worth it going in to see all of the givenchy tshirts out front of sneakerboy..


From what I was told the line for sneakerboy (I think, not sure if that or espionage) extended to about 2 blocks which is not something you see often here.


This time even footlocker in george st is supposed to have stock so...


edit: Seems like footlocker only has 21 items in stock. At least that's what I gathered from their post-it in front of their shop.


Also shout out to the dudes collectively freezing their butts off tonight in front of the galleries and my deepest apologies for giggling as I walked by.

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do u live in syd ^ ?



anything good to do Friday night?




Yeah i do

This could be fun


There's also a neat bar in Darlinghurst called the Local Taphouse that has a like 20+ taps and a great rotating selection of international and domestic beers, worth stopping by for a drink with friends

Or you could head out to the Hills and try and score shrooms


Looks like Old Boy is the film being screened tomorrow, 2pm and 7:15pm showings

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old boy fucking sucks it's the worst movie of all time


I wouldn't say it sucked, but then again my friends kept hyping it up so the ending got spoilt for me, dunno if that affects it.

The Box gets my vote for worst movie


Also there's a screening on the cost of fashion (?) tonight at Darlinghurst


Local Taphouse


Seconded, but beware of a packed house on Friday night as you'd expect. Same goes for nearly every other joint in Surry Hills/Darlinghurst/City area.


Or i guess you can just go to OPM and party with the KAGs if that floats your boat

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deux can you meet me at the sneakerboy store on thursday or friday for a combined what are you wearing today picture. thanks


edit: not a joke


edit: also are there any stores worth checking out? Interested in Yohji/cdg/Rick mostly

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I'm not in sydney at the moment and that sounds kinda corny


As far as stores go, gotta say, Melbourne is far better. Pieces are cunts, don't go there - they won't let you in if you aren't chinese and don't look rich and tasteless. Harrolds stocks Rick and CdGH+, there's nowhere that stocks Yohji in Sydney afaik, Supply might still stock Comme des Garcons Homme (Junya's line) and Junya Watanabe Man. The PAM store is also worth going to. Incu isn't great, but since it's in the same building as Muji and Kinokuniya, if you're there, it's worth having a little look

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Pieces are cunts, don't go there - they won't let you in if you aren't Chinese and don't look rich and tasteless. 


It's funny 'cause it's true. 


I would be half-tempted to spend my money there if I could see what the hell I was looking at, and if they were't passing off 3-season-old stock at full retail.


And ffs, build a gd website.

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