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What do you fixies feel about clipless pedals, toe clips or straps?

I ride without clips or cages. I WAS willing to try them out, but my buddy decided to be a dick and not lend them to me for the nite, to see if I like them enough to buy them from him, or decide to ride with cages.

Oh well...

Im still able to hit some decent sized bridges and avoid a few close calls...

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What kind of black bullhorns did you get? I was looking for some, but they only had MASSIVE sized bullhorns. So I settled with Nittos and got some bar tape.

Fuck heelies. They didnt make that shit in my size wen I was in middle school.

Stupid fuckin light isnt weather proof... Cleaned that shit today, put it on, went riding, and now I gotta clean it again.

Fuck rain... Eventho Ive had some fun skidding sessions yesterday, fuck rain.

sycamore no more

Fuck man. I think I mentioned my buddies Pake getting stolen, but luckily he just got it back. Hope you find yours man. Keep searchin craigslist/ebay and shit. Even local garage sales, a lot of people try to sell them there, since no one really suspects it.

Hope my shit doesnt get stolen... *knocks on wood*

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ah--- i've been wanting to ride fixed for a long time-- maybe when i go back to san francisco. the roads here in pittsburgh are pretty awful and the hills are abound...

i might post up some pictures of my schwinn world sport if i'm not too ashamed to show my junk.

but i'm surprised nobody put up videos of lucas brunelle.... probably my huge inspiration for sticking with gears.


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Damnit. I get my parts instore, because Im too impatient to wait for things to be shipped... For $13, might pick up the 40cms.

Did you get yours yet?

If not, let me know how light they are, and how they ride.

they didn't have the ones i ordered in 40cm. only had the oversized ones, which i'm not to keen on. should be here later this week. i'll keep you posted.

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old mongoose solution with newly taco'd back araya rim

mid 80s centurion ironman triatholon with 650 upfront (not a conversion)

and my road bike love, an old atala with all campy parts.

(photo was taken right when i got it, so far, toher than a nice tune up, i added vittoria slicks and took off the water bottle holder. )

i was planning on converting some p.o.s nishiki to a fixed, but as fun as it is, im going to pass and go single speed mountain bike. doing a flip flop on it might be fun to piss off hipsters though.

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Whats up all (I guess thats just you stunt!),

Skipped school today and went for a ride through golden gate park. Praticed skidding around as the ground was really wet, its all about weight transfer, no? After that went and had some beers in the botanical gardens. One of my friends was on a mountain bike and he kept hitting up all the little trails just to fuck with the two of us as we were both on fixies. Just thought Id share, havent posted in this thread in a while. Ahh, also I think I'll be needing new tires soon. What are you guys running? Anyone got any rec's.



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