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Rick Owens 2-Tone sz M, Wool Prototype Jacket, & Double Layer - CHEAP!

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7/01/2013: In light of the holidays and travel, I'm offering both jackets at $350 shipped from today (7/01) through the end of the 4th (7/04). Won't get a better deal!


Hey guys, its been a long time since I've posted on SUFU, but after a few years of not being able to fit into my holy grail Rick Owens 2-tone leather jacket, I've decided to let it go at a low price for somebody who will appreciate it as much as I did. Anyways, the jacket is a size medium, but fits more like a small. 


The jacket is in good condition overall, but does have a few small signs of wear-and-tear. The main areas are..

1) Some yellowing on the cuffs at the end of the sleeves

2) a small (3/4 inch) break in the stitching just below the bottom of the left-side interior zipper pocket. This break in the stitching does not affect the security of the pockets and is hardly noticeable, it's just a small opening where the stitching below the bottom of where the pocket zipper ends. 


IMPORTANT EDIT: After taking the photos of the 2-tone jacket, it became apparent that there is a 3-inch tear in the leather on the front right side of the jacket where the black leather panel meets the leather trim that is sewn into the sleeve fabric at the armpit area. As a result, I am selling the jacket as is for $450. The tear, though very annoying and unfortunate, should not be expensive to have repaired, and I have included photos of it for you to view. Please contact me if you are still interested and would like to purchase the item with the intent of having the tear repaired by your local tailor.


Overall, the jacket itself if is good conditioned for a piece this popular, uncommon, and from the era of when Rick Owens was overall more creative in my opinion than what it has become. 


Due to the small signs of wear and my lack of ability to do anything but stare at the jacket with lust, I'm letting it go for $525 $450 including shipping to anywhere in the USA. Considering I paid about $1500 for the jacket originally, and that you'd be hard-pressed to find one of these going for less than $750, I'd say it's a pretty damn good deal.


Please click HERE to view photos of the jacket and the tear on Flickr


2-tone Measurements:

All measurements are in INCHES

Chest: 19 inches

Shoulder: 17.5 inches

Length at back (top of collar to bottom of leather - slightly shorter than front as per most RO jackets): 26 inches

Sleeve (From top of where sleeve meets leather trim without stretching the fabric. The sleeve is designed to have some give due to the stretch): 29 inches from point described to bottom of cuff.


Other Rick Owens items I have for sale include...


RARE Runway Prototype Heavyweight Wool Jacket sz S: This jacket is a one-of-a-kind piece that I picked up on here a while ago and snatched it up before anybody else could. It's a heavier-weight wool jacket that was made with the same pattern that ended up being used for that season's 4-pocketed leather, and is a great fall / winter piece. Asking Price: $450 Shipped in USA


Please PM me for measurements of the jacket if you're interested. Click here for photos.



Measurements for Wool Bomber:       

Chest: 19.25 inches across

Shoulders: 16.5 inches

Length (Of back from top of collar to bottom): 26 inches

Sleeve: 28.75 inches outseam at shoulder to end of cuff


Short-Sleeve Double Layer Tee in Drkshwd - Sz S: Classic Rick Owens short sleeve double layer tee from S/S 10 collection. I got the tee as a gift and only tried it on - never wore it out so it's in perfect condition. Asking Price: $170 Shipped in USA


Click here for photos.


I've done tons of sales on SUFU before, so check through the threads I've started in the past if you'd like to check. Hopefully they are all still there (likely archived though lol) because of how long it has been since I posted here. Let me know if you have any questions. PM me if you're interested!

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