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best waywt pics

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lol redX i know right. i thought about that when i wore it. then again, who gives a fuck. i never get winter in Singapore, i'll just get to pretend and run around in them in summer all my life.

Denton, the shirt is by Dr Martens actually. A collaboration they did with some Singaporean designer called Blue Drifts.

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you can't see anything from this picture, but its automatically best because dude is wearing fucking leggings?


I wouldn't be able to dissect the fit, piece by piece, and explain why I like it so much... but I just do.

I've been wearing running shoes a lot lately, mostly because they're comfortable and I walk a lot (college, dontcaretoomuchforcrap concept, though I think frees are really good looking shoes). So I can appreciate that this fit just looks like comfort and function without compromising style.

Can u appreciate dat doe?

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