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  1. flock 2.0

    waywt? saved my life

  2. flock 2.0

    What are you wearing today? (pics only)

  3. flock 2.0

    Recent Purchases. . .

    that jacket is legendary ejm, nice purchase bru. Very neo-tokyo gas station attendant.
  4. flock 2.0

    Recent Purchases. . .

    that noragi is soo nice i've been looking for something like that for a minute. Where did u kop? YJ?
  5. flock 2.0

    Superfashion randoms thoughts

    Today i saw a dude wearing an all black yohji fit with all white Jordan IIIs. Bru looked excellent, further solidified my love of all black slouchy fits with white hitops.
  6. flock 2.0

    Recent Purchases. . .

    cop from here for pretty good price...
  7. flock 2.0

    Urban Techwear

    i have both. For daily wear the Slim dungarees are way more versatile. The climbers are a bit more tech looking and stretchy so they are generally reserved for activities that require them. They are both pretty slim though, hard to say one over the other but the climbers are probably slightly slimmer.
  8. flock 2.0

    yes or no? / this or that?

    bottom is the flexx
  9. flock 2.0

    seenmy is waywt jesus

    yep du is the gawd
  10. flock 2.0

    Recent Purchases. . .

    they were stupid cheap so i had to cop... Iono bout no patent but ima see how they work I just never felt satisfied when the largest size juuns were too small for me
  11. flock 2.0

    Urban Techwear

    yo Tablo just cop some American Apparel Dri-release shirts. They work just as good as any other wicking fabric shit and are pretty cheap comparatively.
  12. flock 2.0

    Skirts/Alternative Legwear

    The only time i never see dudes pull this look off irl is Japanese streetstyle brus. Agree with vamp that this look is done best when it just kinda looks like a tall tee but the White Mountaineering wraps are really nice too.
  13. flock 2.0

    waywt? saved my life

    That dino fit doesn't deserve those negs really. It would of been better without the socks and just the tights but i feel like there are too many close minded people on this forum sometimes and honestly if u neg a dino fit all that says to me is u aint really got the knowledge and u just a pleb bru. Du does a lot of fun interesting stuff with his clothes and clearly isn't on one of various waves 90% of of people in this thread are. I just always gotta show love for strong personal style and those IVs are real nice.