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small questions thread (use before making a new thread!)


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I just don't think Moscots are high quality compared to other "fashionista approved" sunglasses.

I guess they hold up fine but I'm talking about the attention to detail, overall look, and etc.


those lemtosh glasses are horrible. i've actually gone to the moscot store in NY to check them out. the first thing i said was "120 bucks for this crap?"

the definition of "high quality" is pretty subjective but they are pretty horrible.

Absolutely correct. Not knocking the look, which is classic, but quality-wise it's worse than Luxottica.

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I really want a thin, hooded jacket in navy blue similar to this one from Gant. I'm not entirely sold on some of the details on the Gant one so I'm open to anything relatively similar.

Didn't +J have something close to this? I doubt I could track one down right now though.


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Thinking about ordering the last pair from gilt in size 32, but probably be gone later.

Thanks though, waist measurements would be best if I can find.

Umm i guess saturday might be little late, just buy them and get them taken in if its a massive issue....??

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Is there a big difference between wayfarers with the green lens and the ones with the grey lens?

Sunglass hut has the grey ones on sale for 95 so I was gonna say fuck it and buy a pair but the lenses look suuuuper light(almost clear) on the website.





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I know this has been asked, ive tried reading through to find it but tbh with 624 pages ill just ask again.

how do you post up youtube videos? (Ive tried copying and pasting the embedded code from youtube but it just shows as code)

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depends what you mean by missing the boat. in terms of trend yeah they've peaked already, but redwings are a classic, so even if everyone's wearing them it's all about how you incorporate it.

yea i just want to make my wardrobe more universal and move away of the impulse copping of sneakers.

DM langlys also look good.

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