SUPERDENIM ENCYCLOPEDIA (Read me before posting a new thread)

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Maintainence: Wear, Stains, Washing, Starch, Storage

Sizing advice:

Ryu's (letgoasyoulike) monthly washing:


General washing (with introductions to denim soaps):

Detergent discussions:

Washing and drying (spin cycle, hang dry, Samurai method):

Washing and vinegar?

Washing (focussing on Paul T):

Washing tips (by Denim Works denim specialists in Shibuya):

Shrinking jeans:

Getting rid of that chewing gum:

Getting rid of blood:

Getting rid of wine stains:

Tailoring in NYC:

Storing your jeans:


Denim: Technical Aspects, Construction, Processing

Selvedge (also, twill and dyeing discussion):

Half-selvedge vs selvedge:

Canvas weave selvedge:

Spinning process (ring & OE):

Premium denim vs cheaper denim qualitative debate:

All about denim weights:

Denim weight and its effect on wear:

Vertical falling:



Chainstitch machines:

Hems, baked and crumpled:

Crotch rivets:

Raw denim sheen:



Origins of "slubby"?

Natural vs synthetic indigo:

Natural vs synthetic indigo (Levi's):

Japanese denim vs. Italian denim:

The Amoskeag Mills:

Making Your Own Pair of Jeans

Sourcing for denim (large and small runs):

AndeWhall (back in the good ol' days):




rodeo bill:


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Japanese denim with modern cuts: (Also: Lightning Denim Style Guide vol. 2 scans)

Lightning Denim Style Guide vol. 1 spreads(kudos digital_denim & chicken):

Australian jeans discussion (Mjolk, Imperial, etc):

1870 Levi's repro:

2channel denim project:

Who was the original japanese repro maker?

Repros vs Levi's (a discussion):

45rpm: (Sorahiko Slim Raw)

Ande Whall: (Discussion) (To purchase)

APC: (New Cures)


BS United Oni:

Cheap Monday:



Dickies and Carhartt:

Dior Homme:

Dope & Drakkar:

Double Volante:

Eternal (811):


Evisu x Puma:

Imperial jeans:

Iron Army jeans:

Iron Heart jeans (21 oz.):

Jean Shop:

Julian Red:

Kicking Mule Workshop

LVC: (Fall 2006 collection) (S/S 2007)

Levi's - The definitive 501 STF thread (thanks SLEEZY):

Levi's - Comparison between current 501 and '47 501s:


Nudie fakes?


Pure-Blue Japan: (XX-004) (XX-005) (XX-005 with great pics) (XX-005 Black) (AI-001 vs 45rpm Jomon)

Rag & Bone:

Ralph Lauren RRL:

Samurai: (S5000 range)

Sewing Chop by John Bull:

Skull Jeans by An Alchemist:

sling&stones jeans:


Studio D'Artisan: (SDA cuts) (SD-103, SD101, General size questions) (SD-003)

Sugar Cane: (List of models)


Warehouse Duckdiggers:

Wrangler: (13MWZ)




Nevada Mine Levi's:

Brief discussion about vintage details:


Levi's (a pictorial history - courtesy digital_denim & chicken):

btw maybe these two threads could be merged? and the translations completed, more detail pics taken, etc. good resource here.

Brief vintage Lee information:

Fake Lee, vintage details discussion:

Lists and Lists of Lists

List of natural indigo jeans:

Black denim: (invalid link per feb '10)

Lighter toned raw denim:

Big and tall denim:


Vintage sweatshirts:


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Photos and Collections

How do jeans fit? (please contribute)

Before & after photothread:

Samurai Denim Contest: (pics and updates from Oct 31) (original thread)

Let's see what you've got:

The Flat Head 3001:

Sugar Cane Okinawa & Hawaii:

Samurai '66, BSU Oni, Okinawa, PBJ XX-003, BP750:

BSU Oni Red:

Skull 5010XX:

Ande Whall Grifter: (plus some pics of the new AW details)

APC & Nudie:

Imperial Dukes:

LVC '47 501, Fall 06 collection:

LVC '37 501, 2003 collection:

LVC '33 501 555 Valencia St collection:

LVC 1886 'Nevada', 2005 collection:

LVC '37 201, early collection:

LVC '21 201, 1999 collection:



London: (denim shopping) (APC, Acne) (American Classics store)

NYC: (Blue In Green) (BiG online)

SF: (Self Edge)

HK: (Take5 xanga and owner) (Take5 with photos)



Buying Japanese denim online from Rakuten and similar sites:


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let's make a dictionary with technical terms. there are many on Japanese sites and denim mill's sites with hundreds of terms. we should have our own here in English, in a separate thread but linked here. my English is not perfect so I think I shouldn't make it myself. I will post some links to existing dictionaries:

I feel the Styleforum's Denim Terminology and Links topic is VERY incomplete, especially for people who already know a thing or two about denim. So I think we should make our own glossary.


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Here is a list of terms:

I selected important words from those sites and made some descriptions myself. Please work on the descriptions, they are poorly written and incomplete. Add more words if you have any, and delete what you find unimportant. Should it be made in a new thread linked to this one? Maybe other people could also add to the descriptions?


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You can get A.C.N.E. and Cheap Monday ($65!) at Seven New York along with a slew of other designer threads. I'm actually in search of a pair of Cheap Mondays for myself, and the owner of the store told me there will be more pairs up for sale by this weekend.


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added some, clean up some, and created a list of stores who have a regular presence on the boards. sam113 from context clothing, mauro from the denimbar, glamroots (HTC). support the little guys, hit them up! okay not that HTC is little but...

if there are any other stores i missed out feel free to post them! regular guys only please.


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deleted extraneous posts...hope this cleans up the thread a bit. keep posting suggested updates here though!

i can't seem to send a mail to 45rpm! their online mailer isn't working...


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Taylor, could you give me an idea of what that thread said? i'm not sure which one you're talking about, i might have missed something in my initial search. if you manage to find it please post it up :)

there's actually a discussion of LHT, RHT, and their respective properties in the two Selvedge threads. let me go take a look...


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ALERT! the 45rpm denim repair link is broken since updated their site:

anyone have a web archive?

that link is heavily quoted here, and it is a shame that it seems to have vanished


bumping this request, I need to repair some denim. Anyone have an archive/cached page/updated link to this info?


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I believe this website has been mentioned before but I didn't see it listed above:

Great site with loads of details on indigo, cotton, history of denim, and there's even a decent denim dictionary. I think it's great for newbies like me! :cool:


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were there any old threads about hot water soak vs cold water soak?


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