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Your favorite raw denim rags don't have to die anymore - let them survive for ever!!

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Hi guys

Some important infos for the Jeansmuseum I wanna spread on those raw denim forums:

I have started to collect raw denim rag stuff in the Swiss mountains in 1973 and the Jeansmuseum is open to the public on request since 2001 in Zuerich (only 20 min, away from the VMC store). Till now everything on this non commercial project is paid from my own pocket as a geographer. Perhaps the Jeansmuseum can go one step further next year, if there will be successful fundraising over the next month.

Over 12000 items have been rescued from the garbage bin since 1973. Most items are from 1960 up to 2000. But the Jeansmuseum is always about 5-10 years behind. Well I myself try to wear my raw denim stuff over many years too.

Till now almost no items from APC, Atelier La Durance, Edwin,Evisu, Flathead, Imperial, Ironheart, Nudie, Samurai, Studio d'Artisan had reached the Jeansmsueum. Not only the vintage stuff should be preserved but the newer japan denim brands and so on too!

The Jeansmuseum encourages people to use their raw denim stuff as long as possible but never throwing them away.

Many beautiful aged raw denim rag items are displayed on the virtual net, but the Jeansmusuem offers those beloved items a safe place to survive for ever in the real world too, what they really deserve after a long and hard life.

So if anybody of you have a raw denim rag item you really can't use anymore: Be aware to keep them alive for ever. Use them as long as possible, keep them in your personal collection or nail them on a wall at home, or whatever. And when there comes the time you wanna get rid of them, just don't trash them. Give them a chance for an eternal life.

There are 4 main raw denim rag killers:

- Moving day

- Moving together with an other person

- Start having a family

- Getting older and changes in lifestyle

So keep this in mind, since I have heard many many sad stories about beautiful faded raw denim rags, where people even knew about this Jeansmsueum, but when I met them later, they are always telling the same story: Too lazy, too much work, forgot the address of the Jeansmuseum and so on.

To be serious: What are you doing with your beloved favorite items when time has come, where you really can't wear them anymore?

Some people will use them as spare parts, some people just keep them in the closet but many items will end up in the trash some days.

And exactly those heavy used items would fit perfectly in the Jeansmuseum, showing many personal signs of a long life

So once again: Use your stuff as long as possible, but when it comes to say good bye to them just remember the Jeansmuseum. And really no matter how ugly or poor condition, even if never washed, filthy just reflecting a part of the real life

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Museum doesn't sell their stuff, right?

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so if I have an epicly faded pair that I want to throw away, you will buy them take them and put them up in this museum? do we get our name next to it so we can show folks one day? sounds kinda cool

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I do kind of like this idea.

If they don't fit me any more, and I'm going to get a small fee from the curator, and I'll one day be able to visit my jeans with a little name tag on them in some Swiss museum, I might be down.

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Yeah, the idea behind this museum is to preserve as many raw denim rag stuff as possible from the garbage bin in the real life too not on the virtual net only.

So use your stuff as long as possible. And even if not used anymore, keep them at home as long as there are some emotional feelings on them or whatever, but just be sure never throwing them away.

And it's up on you, what kind of information you wanna add to your pants or denim jacket. The minimum would be date and place of purchase, wearing time, how many washes.

Feel free to add any more infos like pics of the owner or showing you in your pants or jacket or some stories or accidents who happened to your stuff, or main use of them,.... You can do it as personal as you like. But you can also let us know, what should be kept secret, or what shall be open to the public.

I'm happy for any feedback how to improve a new system in the web witch shall replace the old styled analogue information of the Jeansmuseum since it's beginning in 1973.

Thanks ahead for any help

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Personally I will keep my well worn faded jeans to my self, but its just me...

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just found the thread here, so i thought i should x-post from the IronHeart forum...

i had the pleasure to visit Ruedi at the jeansmuseum in september, including Giles&Paula from IH.co.uk, Haraki&Ayumi IH.japan (Haraki is the founder of IronHeart denim) and beatle...

Enjoy the pics...











to cont.

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cont. #2



25oz - 666




a little video

Edited by ThinFinn

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the november update...

so before i left switzerland, since my work is done there, i thought i should drive to Zürich again to visit the VMC shop and Ruedi o/course ...

since there are some changes from my first visit, i think i´ll now let the pics do the talking...enjoy ;)

so, this is the entry of the "old" jeansroom (check post above!)...as you can see Ruedi has already been working on moving stuff into the new room and now this one´s looking pretty "empty" :)

all those boxes still need to get sorted (~10.000pieces!)



since he´s also updating his website he now even has a place where he can shoot proper pics of his goods...


ok, so right beside the old one ruedi now hired a 2nd room.

the entry into raw-denim-paradise...


enjoy :)





there`s some crazy stuff lying around as well



to cont.

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cont. #1


now there´s even space for a worktable (25oz IH-denim!)




a tiny tiny bit of the whole collection




you know these G.? :)





to cont.

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cont. #2


the boxes with white stickers are already sorted


ruedi talking bout raw denim


25oz vs. 21oz



sup stubborn crew?


vintage carhartt double knee loggers


compared to a "newer" type of carhartt double knees



denim double knee loggers


to cont.

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cont. #3


they´ve changed the tag over the years




Iron Heart, Carhartt, Carhartt (top to bottom!)


Iron Heart


Hells Angels ;D



at the end he showed me some more pics on his macbook

as you can see, all 6 pairs worn by the same guy...check the similar fading!


so that´s it...hope you enjoyed the show ;)

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Thanks Rafa for your great and professional pics.

You and all other raw denim heads are always welcome to stop at my place

And if your beloved favorite raw denim rag shall survive for ever in the real world and not in the virtuel world only, you know now at least a safe place where you can send them.

The Jeansmuseum promises you, that not any single piece of raw denim rag will ever be thrown away after it has reached the museum

It's like sending some money to swiss banks hahaha

Since my childhood raw denim rags are flowing trough my body instead of blood. So I'm planning since a long time on writing a book and making a movie about this long term project.

For any further suggestions on that send me a PM

Edited by swiss-jeansfreak

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Thanks for the pictures Rafa ! I enjoyed all of them :)

@ Ruedi, thats some serious insanely cool collection

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so happy to see you found a bigger space ! kudos

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man, i can not wait to take a trip to zurich to check this out! really thinking about making a denim contribution one of these days too...

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Thanks guys. I'm just back from snowy mountains. I was skiing with my god child and it was super great.

You guys are more then welcome to stop at my place. With the second room I can now present some more items out of the 7000 pants and 5000 denim jacket from the 50'ies till now.

Since 1973 I have built up this collection all by my own. Raw denim is flowing through my body instead of blood since my childhood

Now I wanna make it bigger and soon I'll start an organisation with membershipo to find some more voluntary people who are willing to sustain this jeansmuseum project in any kind of work, donations or great ideas.

At the moment I'm searching a new Jeansmuseum logo for the new home page and the Jeansmuseum. Main topic is Jeansmuseum and the world of heavy fading of raw denim

Any suggestions are more then welcome

I have a lot of work in my geographers job atm

Edited by swiss-jeansfreak

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Hi guys

One of our great SUfU and My Nudies members CMCiA has donated one of his beloved pants to the Jeansmuseum. where they'll survive for ever at a safe place. The postman just brought them in today. Thanks a lot Ben!!!!!

And the Jeansmuseum will take them up proudly since they are worn with love over years with many fadings and great character and millions of stories left in them.

Thanks and congrats to this great work on them.

Here some update pics after their arrival:

Nudie Slim Jim dry Japan

Bought in Nov 2007

Washed 3 times

This was my first raw denim pants!!









And watch out for this special feature!!! Just awesome!!!!


Edited by swiss-jeansfreak

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Don't murder me for digging up this ancient thread!

I myself have made several contributions to the Jeansmuseum since 2011

please, please don't throw your denims

unlesd you're keeping them for sentimental reasons they will be loved and babied by Ruedi forever!

keep his passion fed!

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