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Sufu introvert threak


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Clopek: multiplication and division are carried out from left to right as read in the equation, but remember that multiplication and division take same precedence, as do addition and subtraction. Think of division as multiplying by a fraction, and subtraction as adding an opposite. They are essentially the same operation.

288 is the correct answer.

OkayOkay: you shouldn't get different answers -- this is not a matter of Metric vs English notation or anything. Different schools use different mnemonic acronyms (BODMAS, PEMDAS, etc) but the main trick of this problem is to realize that M <-> D and A <-> S.

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The part that's unclear (that causes the debate in the first place) is the position of the (9+3)

48 (9+3)






2 (9+3)

but as written, the answer is 288

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I'm introverted - but politely outgoing if under obligation.

I left my acting major in university after the first year because I was so absurdly misplaced in the sea of of theatre kids, writhing on the floor and pretending to be cats in movement class and singing all day, every day. And the screams...

Now I'm working in film and everything is OKAY.

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I love being alone. I mean, I love my friends, and I love being with them, but a lot of the time I'd much rather stay at home by myself. It's much more comfortable for me.

Now I’m trying to figure out why people don’t seem to seek out my company, or don’t seem to enjoy spending time with me. I’m pretty sure that I’m no more awkward than your average nerd on the internet… But it recently occurred to me that lacking social skills would probably prevent me from, uh, knowing that I lack social skills. Hence my question: could I be completely socially inept and just not know it?

Some pertinent points:

-I feel pretty confident saying that I don’t have Asperger’s or the like. (I worked in social services for some time, am highly emotional, and I think I do well with “reading people” and navigating internal politics.)

-I get very nervous in social situations and become afraid that I’ll say the wrong thing. That, coupled with a diagnoses of Adult ADD (and the impulse control problems that come with it) means that I often *do* say the wrong thing. Never hurtful things-- more like jokes that turn out not to be funny, or revealing things I shouldn’t have.

-I’m shy and tend to be quiet around new people-- largely out of nervousness (see above). Do people just think I’m unfriendly?

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It's July forth and I don't want to do anything with my life. I just like to watch movies,. play videogames,.. read books,... that's all. There's no grand scheme.

I don't think too far ahead in the future. If I do,.. I get depressed.

I just spend most of my time being entertained. That's all I want out of life.

I'm just dead weight.

I shudder to think about me 20 or 30 years from now.

Maybe I'll get lucky and die a quick and painless death when I'm around 30 years old or so.

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yeah, they're cool kids doing mostly good music, but you can't base your own happiness on what other fuckers are doing.

agreed with dude who said that should inspire you rather than depress you.

when I see peers doing well it just makes me wanna go harder.

whether it's 'fuck that guy I can do better' or 'oh wow I can do this' or whatever

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