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Sufu introvert threak


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1^342*3 = 1 correct? or 3?


= correct? or ?

no ok seriously.

do you multiply the part after the carrot by three first and then do the exponentiation or whatever


do you do the exponentiation first and the multiply that whole thing by three

i'm guessing because it isn't clear, the three comes after? because you would just move left to right and exponentiation is higher in order of operations?

or is that dumb and you do the multiplication first because you're supposed to obviously complete whatever is exponentiat...ing the number first?

so does that equal 3 or 1?

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2 or 288?

Oh God

I saw a thread on this question on another forum about a month ago and it sparked a huge debate

To the point where there's even youtube videos about it



The way the equation is written, the answer is 288. The End.

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I've dedicated my summer to becoming slightly more introverted for the sake of "balance" and learning basic math.

are you being serious about tryna be more introverted? i wonder what the pros and cons are of intro and extroversion

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I think you're gonna get 2 different answers depending on who's replying from which country. America uses PEMBRAS, right? And if so, that honestly should be the standard cause America basically calls the shots for the rest of the world (fuck you metric system).


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