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Thanks for the thread mate!

Here's my 421 x-posted from mynudies (sorry for the bad pics, will have better ones as I put them back into rotation soon):






Fit pic:


And another (more a wallet pic, but I'm short on photos of my 421):


It'll be their 20th anniversary next year, looking forward to their special edition of 2011!

If anybody is interested in some of the older Stormy Blue fabrics, Take 5 had some made into very interesting house-jeans at a great price.

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Any idea how long the dude's been wearing them?

There's still quite a bit of vertical fading and abrasion on the denim though.

Edit: Just realised this was the old Stormy Blue version...wonder if they've changed the denim when they changed labels.

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Damn, Pherrows was still a little under the radar compared to most Japanese brands on Sufu. I've got a few Pherrows shirts and they are amazing. The quality is exactly as you'd expect for vintage inspired MiJ, and the cut is perfect for those of us with a more typically Japanese stature.

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Yeah, Pherrow's doesn't get much love in the West, but they're quite popular in Japan - well known for their 'value for money' approach to vintage-inspired garments, every piece is quality and we don't pay for unnecessary frills.

My biggest criticism, though, is that their sizing doesn't go large enough :(

I would really like to buy more of their Ts, hoodies, shirts, etc but even their XL is very often too small for me!

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still regret the contest got called off, the 421 looks very tasty. Unfortunately Im not a real fan of the new styling (selvedge and yellow button at the back pocket)

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Whoops, wrong thread! But it seems pertinent since it's almost all Pherrows stuff anyway. A whole bunch of shit, but mostly shirts. Some wabash dot workshirt, striped workshirt, oxford BD, a tweed cap, all sorts of goodness. Pretty excited for the upcoming Pherrows SS 2011 collection. Saw a nice preview in the latest Lightning.

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