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FS: SEXIH01 Sz 36 Used

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Up for sale is my pair of Sz 36 SExIH01s. I think only two were made in this size.

The condition of these jeans would be in good worn condition. No rips or tears (crotch is intact).

Worn about a year on and off before being shelved. It has been washed about 4 times. I've worn it about 3 times since last wash. It doesn't smell or anything, but I can wash these again (with a nice organic detergent) before shipping out at buyers request.

The jeans have been hemmed by my local tailor with a good industrial lockstitch (no chainstitchers available at the time).

I don't wear these anymore because I've lost weight since purchase and they're too big. These are fantastic jeans. In hindsight, I should have bought a pair of 34 but you can't purchase jeans with the idea that you'll lose the weight to wear them later, because it might never happen. I got a lot of use out of these jeans and they still have a lot of life left in them.


Size 36

Waist: 18 (36)

Rise: 11

Back rise: 14.5

Thigh: 13

Leg opening: 8.5

Inseam: 33

Note: they're different from SE's measurements. After a hotwash, they'll get fairly close to SE, but then stretch out to the above measurements in less than one wear.

I'm looking for US$75 plus shipping. I only ship via fully tracked international post and the cost of this is US$45 to the US (give or take about $3-5 for other countries eg. Germany). Expensive, I know. If you don't believe the price, check here. FEDEX and DHL charge about $80-100 to ship to the US for 1-1.5kg, so forget that option, this is the cheapest one available.

I won't ship any other way. This is for both your and my protection. If you're in Australia, I let these go for AUD$120 shipped via registered. I accept payment via paypal.

It's cheap. No refunds, sorry. I've added plenty of photos so there's no surprises. Please pm if you've got more qu's.

I've bought stuff on superfuture in the past. The last one was from Photo. This is actually the first time I'm selling something (yes, I feel pretty daunted). My ebay sig. is sixquid123.

Some pics. I tried to be a comprehensive as possible.








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