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    By the time the contest started, my graffiti was in time.
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    I forgot this. Damn covit19! You can put a wish to end it. May the Sabbath day come back.
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    Didn't have a number in mine, so I added this, copying the TCB envelope thank you cat. Untitled by least weasel, on Flickr
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    No.92 checking in. Happy with the fit and all.
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    Couldnt wait for them to be completely dry so still damp. Fits mighty fine!
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    1101 after their last wash so they can go have a rest in the shelves for the TCB contest.
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    Switched to a blue shirt so my wet waistband wouldn’t get blue all over my white shirt
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    Fit pic of memorials. Jacket is eternal
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    No.36ナユタと猫がいよいよチェックイン! tcb Inoue&Ryo、tcbスタッフ一同エキサイティングなジーンズを作ってくれてありがとう! ジーンズは34インチと36インチです。(お尻が大きいのが気になったので2種類あります)ジャケットは38インチです。 さて、私の宝くじポケットはかっこいいです。残念ながら水玉は手に入れられませんでした笑 そのクールなポケットに落書きをしました。20代コンテストでも落書きをしました。 (これらのイラストは私のオリジナルではありません) とてもかわいいです中に隠された絵は、ジーンズを脱ぐたびに幸せな気分にさせてくれます。 私は私のパートナーOWです。それは非ストレスです!股上が深いので、これらのジーンズを試着し、一発で気に入りました!大好きですジャケットもストレスフリーです。これが大好き。 この夏の最後の2か月間、毎日tcb 40を着用するために歩きました。2か月で470 km歩きました。そのおかげで家にいたのですが、日焼けしてしまいました笑夏を楽しんでいるようです。 私の同伴者(34インチ)OWは、ウエストベルトのすぐ下の40 cmに平らに置かれました。チャートは86cmです。実物は6cm小さいようですが全く問題ありません。念のため歩いてよかった サイズが気になる方のための良い解決策が見つかることを願っています。みんなが幸せであってほしい スタートまであと数日!楽しもう。
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    Haha. Any criticism I offer can be taken or left with no hard feelings, at least on the subject of jeans. Point was, to my observation, folks were trying awfully hard to "make it work" and no one had yet stood up and acknowledged that there was an error and that we shouldn't be pressed to "make it work." I appreciate your candor here and at the risk of tmi, I'll certainly accept that criticism up may arse as it'll hit the prostate just right if you know what I mean.
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    超可愛い! very cute! !! I like this idea!
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    Walking around Ft Funson in San Francisco with the family.
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    It’s not worth it, you simply can’t reason with a kebab.
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    No not a lot. But the left leg does have some. I really like the pockets I got
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    I wonder why airing cupboards never caught on in the wetter parts of the US. Quite a handy thing to have.
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    Here’s some things I listened to today as i try to get my van ready for a trip to the coast.. an inadvertently sea-themed triptych
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    @Maynard Friedman I live in Seattle where it pisses rain all year and we get maybe 30 days of decent sun a year. I use a dryer because I don’t want to wait 4-5 days for my jeans to air dry. If I lived in CA I would probably air dry a lot more
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    Arrived yesterday no.11 first time for this type of fit usually like a more tape Leg,but I love Tcb bin there from the beginning I’ll be wearing mine at work under my work trousers 5 days a week 8.5 hours a day want to try 6months straight hope I can hang in there, very comfortable in the leg area Love the heigh Rise the overs fit is really nice but at the moment very sung,details on the denim our really spot on,I’m going to enjoy them like my other Tcb jeans also the 40s jacket is mint a little snug but will stretch,plus I like the vintage fitted look,good luck to everyone and thank everyone who’s apart of the Tcb cat crew Massive props.
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    Number 74 checking in! 30 OW. Happy with the fit and the lottery pocket combo.
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    Took a bit of a trip to the wife’s and my old stomping grounds. Our very first flat in Kings Heath, Birmingham. We had the first floor (just a house I know but nice to see it after so many years) Spotted this beauty Demolished these. I had no idea dipping cheesecake in chocolate is a thing. What a time to be alive. Went to one of Birmingham’s major parks, Canon Hill right opposite Edgbaston Cricket ground (I really should have got a a shot of the latter for you guys) On the way home swung by this place to get dinner to take home. Nothing flash, but a whole chip shop menu of veggie food - everything. Pretty much the antithesis of trendy, instagramable food, but amazing
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    well I never thought this day would come. This jean has been my biggest jean regret. This was the jean that made me consider changing my whole wardrobe just to fit these in. But it didn't really matter if I did choose to turn my back on my tapered legged ways, my college sized wallet wouldn't have allowed me to spend the obscene $400 these cost at the time. if only I knew. I have looked for these jeans since that era of my life, trying to time luck with available funding. and it finally happened. Mister Freedom Riders Dungarees in never worn condition. Fresh from a wash and dry.