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FS/IC: Rick Owens Exploder Bomber, size S


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Just bought this from SZ forums user Drexel, and love the jacket. Unfortunately, a tree fell on my mom's house a couple days ago during a windstorm. She's alright and well-insured, but as an early Christmas present, I paid the steep deductible for her ($2500, ouch). This has left other holiday expenses stretched rather thin, so I'm offering this up for sale.

Coat is good used condition, with minor pilling around the wrist cuffs, bottom wool trim, and hood fabric. I've also reinforced a couple of the front buttons. Tags are included.

Color is DRKSHDW, a cappuccino brown. This is the moleskin version from Fall 07 Exploder, an incredibly thick 70% nylon/30% cotton blend that is much stronger than the 100% cotton or 100% nylon versions of other seasons. It's lined in silk in the sleeves, and is padded with goose down.

It's meant to fit oversized, can fit an S-L pretty easily, although the arms are cut high and rather thin, so a muscular L would have problems. Measurements are less relevant because of the cut, but roughly 17.5" in the shoulders, 21" pit to pit, and maybe 30" top to bottom.

Because of the circumstances, and the fact I like this jacket, I'm not inclined to sell below what I paid: SOLD THANK YOU $794 + shippingSOLD THANK YOU . I would prefer if you also paid PayPal fees or sent as a gift, but I'll eat the fees if that's not an option.

You can find fitpics of the same model jacket on this blog, keep in mind this is not my jacket, and is an XS, however, it fits very similarly:


edit: Sorry for the confusion, apparently the pictures on this blog are from the DUST colorway, mine is DRKSHDW





Wear on cuffs:


edit: color accurate picture, please ignore the moronic content


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I'm a true 36 with narrow shoulders, it fits oversized on me, with plenty of room for a knit on underneath. The main measurement on this is probably the shoulders, as the chest is very generously sized. Just remeasured, and they're about 18" in the front, 19.5" in the back. I usually wear 16.5" shoulders, and I liked the fit on the jacket. My friend, who usually wears 18" shoulders also liked the fit, so it depends on how oversized you want to wear it.

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yo got the small in black anybody have XS in any color and would be interested in trading pm

free bump for nicelynice! buy this jacket it's fantastic. he's definitely right it's ridiculously variable in size - i'm only looking for an xs since i'd love it to be like an inch shorter on me but you don't see me selling my small i still wear the hell out of it it's so nice

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