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video games ruined my life


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been playing the campaign all night. im loving these maps. theres an amazing american suburbia map, its mad realistic with taco bell and burger king replicas, plazas, apt complexes, country clubs.

Shiznits. Does anybody have a torrent for this game? I just want to play the campaign.

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Update the PSN / Gamertag list. DUM, can you post this on the front page too?

I'll probably get the game tomorrow around 1 in the afternoon. Probably play all day that day and most likely all night since i don't have class on wednesday. Lets have a sufu game tomorrow! So far theres 10 people with ps3. 5 vs 5 anyone?

PS3 Users

DUM - majorwaves

raulishere - raulishere

Bigyen- RAMBOSegal

Solix - SolixTanaka

iGit - Rrronson

selbsttatig - selbsttatig

Phyziks- Phyziks

034936 - skoh12

Royalefatale - Royalefatale

icandunkonu - overtime626

okonomi - The_Andrew

Xbox360 Users

raulishere - ray diat0r

Ichiban - Ich1ban v2

renski - ren nasty

dfaus - sloppyjoemorgan

m0t3d - TRuM0t3D

Faded - pissin blood

Wesley Pipes - Really Doe

beezup - S3nD H3lPx

chchchip - mc hipperthanu or bleached cougar

Ko- Jumbominibar


kidaradio - kidaradio

insidertrading - bravoturkey

eversuns - indierokkr

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I just played the undercover airport massacre mission. That was so wrong on so many different levels. Jesus Christ I can't wait to see what else there is to do if that was only the second mission!

neg rep for spoiling campaign mode, for those who haven't started playing. myself included

side note my cousins work cancelled work today so they can play MW2

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Having trouble getting parties to work...

otherwise it's pretty sick. I feel like the graphics aren't that much better but I am playing on a hella previous level TV so maybe that's it...

Having the same problem as you. I can't get a party going, maybe its something wrong with the invites?

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parties worked until midnight PST launch night, servers are probably massively overloaded, i was told to:

1. go to the main menu of the game

2. sign out of the PSN

3. sign back in

4. go to multiplayer

5. invite

i think everyone else has to do the same, it was something to do with everyone's name saying they're on the main menu when they're really doing something else, if you reset your PS3 for like 30 seconds it will fix that update problem, either way the servers are fucked i've been ranking up on my own

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