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video games ruined my life


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gotta cop uncharted, heard nothing but good things.

Went and pre-ordered mw2 for ps3 and my local gamestop is having a midnight release and also having dudes from the military in store. A little overkill for a game?

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for those who did not order yet, i think walmart/amazon still have a deal. preorder online and get $20 giftcard (for walmart only) or $20 game credit (amazon). should be there on game day.

heres something i just saw too, not sure if its legit or a mod


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there's a spec ops level where one person plays in the AC-130 whilst the other character kills dudes from the ground.

going to be awesome.

did this level on the hardest with my friend.. person on the ground basically kills 5 or 6 people.. person in the gunship takes out 100+

7 mins to complete, so you gotta keep moving while dudes ambush you

ps. there are way better levels

pps. dopest game

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