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Over the last 5-years, my gf and i have been fostering dogs for a local rescue. my dog was actually a foster that we liked so much, we ended up keeping. most of the dogs, especially small ones usually stayed for a short time (2-4 weeks). However, we had some that stayed longer so we do end up getting a little more attached to them. The one below was the toughest to let go, she came when she was a 4 months old puppy and stayed with us over a year.

not so long after we got her with our dog




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At this point are they well behaved?

I am thinking about picking up a shelter dog soon, as most all of the pounds in Japan terminate within 7 days. I am just trying to prepare myself for going in and picking a dog out of a bunch that are basically destined to die in the same week... =\

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They are generally surprisingly well behaved. the rescue group we are working with specializes in difficult, sick or soon to be put down dogs so i was initially a little hesitant to foster, but have been consistently surprised by the dogs ability to learn and behave if given proper support. from our experience, dog with behavior issues tend to be young and easily trainable. there's a shocking number of older, perfectly well behaved dogs, in shelters and these dogs are generally a breeze to foster. that being said, you have know and set your limits. we live in a small downtown condo so we can't help dogs with hardcore separation anxiety (had a lot of problems with landlord / city because of one). most shelter / rescue groups will let you set boundaries with regards to potential foster (size, breed, issues, etc).

the gf has worked at shelters and through seizures (quebec is the puppy mill capital of the world) so i know the feeling (if i didn't say no, we'd probably have 30 dogs by now). it's tough knowing that you can't help all these animals. and i know how bad are japanese pounds, current life goal is to make it back to j-land in a couple years so the gf can open a no-kill rescue group / shelter (plan is not fully defined yet though and involve me being successful enough to be able to support such an idea so we'll see).

Here's my little dude with another foster celebrating Halloween.


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