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that is absolutely shitty. what did the dude do to deserve that?

on sort of a similar note, a fairly attractive girl asked a reclusive guy who spends his time making flash animations and pervy jokes and wears a quilted vest every day. no idea what's going on there, seen them walking home from school a few times too.

basically this boy is the epitome of the boy you just described

formerly spent his time enjoying a 24 hour WoW session?

and pervy jokes are this one's 6th sense.

basically this guy used to be a geek/unpopular,

and now he is.. popular in a way that you and i couldn't be proud of

other than that, he is innocent.a kewl guy to chill with

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A rather decent, kinda cute girl that happens to be a friend of mine asked me to prom today. I dont know if she was serious or not because of her joking-like tone. My response was...SURE? I feel like the biggest dick ever and I think she was serious.

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^ mmmmm, I really need to spend more time in NOLA. Maybe you need to start a Bona Drag Day Camp where hipsters pay to hang out and drink with you while checking out dirty southern girls in the quarter.

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bro i got a thread going on but do the kids holla back? NO

also i got spam bombed and no one bothered to clean it up

anyways you and anyone else is welcome to shoot me a pm if u headed to the bottom of the map

my favorite thing about this place is showing people around

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back on topic: i waited all of high school to get a date with this girl i'll call jenny (cause that was her name)

i actually had this fine indian beezy jockin me but i got jenny to go with me

except i was a goddamn fool at age 18, got all nervous, couldn't handle my biz, and ended up getting fucked up and passing out before midnight

(my yearbook prediction actually alludes to this incident)

then a couple of my 'friends' stuck baby carrots between my toes


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i decided to not go to prom.

it's hella money.

i dont have a date.

the "group" i'm supposed to be in is absolutely horrible. meaning the girls are horrible.

i'll just go to someone else's prom with my best friend.


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