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Skull Jeans by Alchemist - Grey & Black - Size. 30

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**Paypal fee will be added.Shipped items includes worldwide.

1. Skull Jeans - Grey S5010XX- One Wash - original skull tab - Size 31x32 (unaltered)

160$>>>150$>>>140 shipped!! (firm)

waist 15.25"

front rise 10

back rise 13

upper thigh 11

inseam 32"

knee 8

leg opening 7

Purchased at Skull Jeans shop in Japan. Still looks new, only worn handful of times.Been sitting in the closet mostly.Actual waist size is 30.Texas cotton.





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2. Skull Jeans S5010XX - one wash - Black - size 31

$150>>>140 Shipped!!

Also another pair that i'm not wearing as much. Purchased new at B.I.G.


7x6 model (The thickness of threads and yarns are measured in numbers, #0 being

the thickest and decreasing in size with a higher number. Therefore 7x6 indicates

this model uses #7 indigo warp threads and #6 ecru weft yarn. The 6x6 model uses

#6 for the warp and weft resulting in a heavier weight and darker denim)

One Wash

14 ounce Japanese selvage denim

100% Zimbabwe Cotton

  • Warp threads are cheese-dyed black prior to weaving.
  • Weft yarns are white as is common with indigo-dyed jeans
  • Due to the white core at the center of the warp threads, fading is similar to indigo denim jeans.
  • Topstiching thread is same gold color as on indigo version

Natural leather patch

Whitened tack buttons

Made in Japan


waist: 15"

ront rise 10

back rise 13

upper thigh 11

inseam 32

knee 8

leg opening 7

*iphone pics,sorry.




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