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the best of the worst or shit talkin threads

Guest jmatsu

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post some past critiques/comments/hate that made or still makes u LOL.

feel free to rep the op, cause good h8 b like interest off money in the bank!

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Originally Posted by m1sterko viewpost.gif



if he wasnt a fat shit the outfit wouldnt look bad

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I was disgusted when I saw this.

And then I saw this


Originally Posted by spackadam viewpost.gif




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I was bored and going through recent and not so recent history on sufu, and came across some good stuff. Too lazy to find the posts but mainly:

comments on some dudes waywt pic looking like a polish physics TA. <<lol

kodiak's posts <<LoL

comments to kodiak <<LOL

some chain of comments that went: "hardest thing about rollerblading?" -- "keeping your jaw relaxed"(LOL) -- "telling your parents you're gay".

I know i fail for not finding the exact posts, but it was good stuff at 1am.

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You've just crawled into the Kodiak Den. Here you will find information about air rifles and accounts of rats being dispatched by the same.

Even though rats are parasitic, disease-carrying vermin, they are living creatures who are just trying to survive in this world long enough to leave some of their DNA behind. I understand that and my number one goal is to dispatch them quickly, cleanly and humanely. One shot, one kill is always my goal.

Please be advised that there are graphic images and descriptions on this site. If you are squeamish, or just plain not into looking at this stuff -- don't.

College shootout is the first thing that came to mind.

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