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New Pepsi logo


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Well, it could have been worse. At least they're not making it THREE DEE like AT&T, John Deere, etc. and all the other early-mid-aughts rebrandings.

The new plain Pepsi can is appealing, looks uncluttered. I'm sure it'll be stuffed full of shit by the time it comes out though. The new form-factor for the plastic bottles (no vis in this thread) looks like a ridged penis.

The whole varying-widths-of-smiles for diet pepsi, pepsi, pepsi max is just kind of throwaway gimmickry, nobody is going to be like "oh this must be pepsi max, it has the THICK smile."

Overall B-

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I think it's a good logo, but on the other hand I don't think they need to change it. Obviously they want to revitalize their image, but this logo smacks of "temporary."

I don't necessarily agree. I think the logo, particularly the typography, was starting to show it's "80s-ness."

Did they absolutely NEED to change the logo, no, of course not. But since Pepsi's been in a long sale decline since the 90s and is down 2-5 percent this year in most of their product line, it couldn't hurt.

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I didn't realize they were doing so poorly.

Like I said, I do think it's a good logo and I'd prefer the new one over the old. I just generally shudder when classic brands try to "modernize." In this case I think their new mark has a timeless appeal. The new typography, not so much.

Is that package design (the can) a comp, or a mock-up? If that is truly what their new can will look like, I'd be shocked.

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this is sick. this is so sick.

the varying thickness on the logo is a verrrrrrrry nice touch, and while it may not make an immediate impact with your average consumer, it is the kind of small detail that adds value no matter what.

im so with it.

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