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there's both here, with 3 new majors this coming year.

you should probably check this out - http://www.3dworldmag.com/page/3dworld?entry=3d_world_98_s_cgi (in the excel spreadsheet file)... ringling ranked #1 for CA in the US. coming out of that program, you could get a job with pixar if that's what you wanted to do.

honestly i wouldn't even consider a state school if you want to be at the front of the pack in any design field. i was at FSU for 2 years and it blew my nuts. unless you are looking forward to exploring general education classes, go to a real art school.

i'm a GIC major here (graphic & interactive communication) and it's fucking intense man. all you do is work. really heavy courseload but if you love your major, it's easy. in comparison, FSU's graphic design program was considered pretty good. you graduate there not doing any sort of web design, whereas here, it's my 2nd year and i'm in a 6hr adv. web class, building a site with flash/xml/php from research to client to wireframes to the finished product. it's heavy.

not to mention with the GIC major you take 3 levels of new media/motion graphics which dabble in 3d if you really want to learn it.

just trying to spit as much info without being all "my school's the best"... but i definitely recommend looking more into it, or requesting a viewbook at least -


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aaah, alright then. i guess i'll just send an app over to there.

im already applyin to a lot of colleges already, so when my counselor recommended me to ringling, i was kind of iffy about it since i didnt really know much about it, and i didnt want to spend another $60 to a school that i dont know about.

but coming from you it sounds pretty good, so i'll take your word for it and apply. thanks man

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Good luck w/ University of Chicago..

It's supertough to get in, and once you do,

it sucks because you have no social life. Lose-lose situation, man.

Plus, Tucker Max says only ugly chicks go there.

Haha, thats what I hear. I'm going to send an app. anyway. But I have a feeling I'm going to end up in U of I. Staying in state :)

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i got a 2260 in sat

800 writing 740 CR

and 800 in sat ii lit

got bs in my eng classes though ha

can i gets into habad????????

not if that's all you have. that's like minimum requirement to get into top 15 colleges. everybody has 2300 sat, 800s on sat2s. to get into hyp you have either have your parents donate millions of dollars or you have to be extraordinarily good at something, good enough to recognized on a national, or international level.

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repping Ryerson University in Toronto, i mostly rock april 77s though i switch in raw skulls/apc nc sometimes

What program are you in?

I started at Rye 4 years ago, the females were hurrrrrrrtin'... This year, bitches be crazy flyy.

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Applied for U of I, U of C, and Northwestern.... Have a really good feeling that I will be going to U of I, anyone go there?

which U of I?

i graduated MS in U of I (urbana-champaign campus; UIUC) this past May...

cool school...ridiculously huge...tons of chicks..

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