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Self Edge x Sugar Cane - SExSC06


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@jackers look at those stacks!! the color transition is just beautiful

i must size down to have such stacks though :(

+rep!! *i forgot that i already repped you before

501cult, i think the jeans tends to fade fast, just wear them super frequently and theyll turn beautiful

as far as i know, jackers wear them while skating, cmiiw

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@ready: not quite sure what you mean...

@keenks: thanks, but I really have worn them a lot and besides a small piece of crotch damage, they look depressingly new still.

Perhaps I'm simply too responsible to society?

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I know a lot of you guys say to go true to waist size, but if im a size 37 waist, which is in between 36 and 38, which size would you guys recommend to me? i tried on a soaked 36, but felt that the thighs were skin tight on me....will the thighs stretch a ton to the point where they will let my legs breath or shud i just go to the 38?

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Second beatle here, by all means the 36! Mine did stretch considerably, and if you wear them during the soak (bathtub ritual), then I'd be ready to guarantee a good result.

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