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british television


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Eurg.. The Mighty Boosh?!

That's like the lowest of UK comedy..

I'm Alan Partridge, Bottom, The Young Ones, The Office, Father Ted (Irish but I guess it's still sort-of UK comedy since it was broadcast on UK television), Peep Show is great too but the new series is kinda bland.

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I really disliked Life on Mars. Nathan Barley is a cracker. Black Books, Father Ted, The Office, Boosh.. I think all the shows I enjoy have been mentioned.

The funniest show on British television would have to be The Bill..! Reg, Tony, June.. classic!

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Someone gave me the first season of Little Britain. Jesus fucking christ. Worst show I've ever seen in my life. It's goddamn painful to watch.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Skins after I forced myself through the first couple episodes. It is pretty much a teen soap except with tits, cursing, drugs and violence, but it's entertaining.

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Little Britain is too retarded for my taste. Too much chav-ness going on.

Someone introduced me to this short lived Chane4 show called sugar rush and it's awsome! Them lesbos are hot!

Too bad we don't get enough british programing where I come from.

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killed life on mars and ashes to ashes

ashes to ashes sucked

life on mars was ok

also watched extras which could have been called a drama, not comedy

i laughed once through out both series and the x-mas special

no heroics was good but only 6 eps

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i dunno if its been said but nathan barley and green wing were quite good.

i watched ideal last night forgo how funny it was

If you liked Green Wing try Black Books.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks is pretty funny too, be sure to watch the episode with Donny Tourette.

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