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just wanna say my 2-bit, thank god for sufu, it broadend my horizon on fashion, can you think of just wearing regular jeans? no selvedge!?! so yea, thanks for sufu guys and this video will mark it for me


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are you part of the ghost agents too? i member when i first created the ghost agents and wEstSidE pmed with with a soraanaam ghost agent banner and you couldnt see shit in it, good old days with the recon missions...

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you got so excited you forgot how to spell your name

shiiiit i didn't even see it

what if somewhere there's a forum of guys with jeans even rawer than ours. and they're making fun of all of us because we're so ignorant.

rawer? how much more raw? clearly youre talking about going nude? thats a maybe

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Seriously! ^

I like how you gave yourself your own thread.

It's like:

"HEY LOOK AT THIS GUYS!" :: patting self on back::


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