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I don't know if there's a notebook or stationery thread so bumping this.

What are people carrying around that isn't a moleskine? I really dislike the paper of them and I use smaller rhodia notebooks usually. The paper is thicker and I like writing on them a lot more, but wondering what other options people are using.

Also, decent online stationery stores (notebooks specifically)

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i carry a few moleskines for drawing.

rhodia is a good brand. i use rhodia pads for note-taking in class and the quality is really nice.

other than those two, i haven't really tried any others.

have you checked shopwritersbloc? they carry other brands like clairefonte which i have always wanted to try out.

in other news, i managed to get a rotring 600 fountain pen on ebay for an O.K. price. it's the lava verson with M nib. totally sweet.

(not my image)


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if anyone uses the pentel tradio "fountain" pens, you can stop buying those $3.50 refills! recently, i was playing around and refilled my tradio with noodler's 'heart of darkness' ink and it works great! all you need is a knife to pop the tip off the empty cartridge and a narrow pipet to fill up the cartridge and you're good to go! i haven't tried it with any other ink, but i think it should work okay. i guess the only time you would want to buy a refill is if your nib gives out, but so far, my nib is still in super good condition!

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Lamy has two rollerball pens that are both nice looking and nice to write with: the Lamy Swift (http://www.lamyusa.com/swift.html) and the Lamy Tipo (http://www.lamyusa.com/tipoaluminium.html), both of which are available in more colors than are shown on this website.

They both use Lamy's famous M66 refill, which writes incredibly smoothly. The tipo is more expensive because of its design - the clip retracts when you're using the pen so that you can't attach it to something (like your shirt) without disengaging the writing tip. Even if you end up finding that the tip is too thick for you, it's worth a try to see the difference between a ball point pen and a rollerball, which used to be referred to as a poor man's fountain pen.

A lot of asian grocery stores carry very fine tipped pens and pencils, but they're not exactly the high-end kind.

nice looking pen but come on man, 300 bills for a pen that your most likely gonna loose? what?

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i think xiao pangzi got the pens mixed up. it's the swift that retracts the clip when you click to write.

$300? i see nothing $300 with the swift or tipo. the swift is at least $50 and the tipo is at least 25-30.

i used to be all for the swift. the pen is great, but they don't write too well on some paper surfaces.

i very much prefer pentel ener-gel or fountain pens over lamy rollerballs at the moment.

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i have two sailors and i've had an okay experience. you could try a pelikan http://www.jetpens.com/product_info.php/products_id/3547

or kaweco


both those write really well. the kaweco has a much more solid build, smaller carry, but cap attaches to back as extension.

the pelikan holds more ink and looks nice.

both are good pens. next in price would be a lamy safari, which almost everyone loves.

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Here is what i got for writing in my little collection. All were ordered from jetpens.


first up is my favorite pen of all, the A.G. Spalding & Bros Hexagonal Body Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm. This bad boy writes really smooth and is kinda heavy for a pen. The color of the metal matches my macbook pro & thats kinda cool. The waterproof ink really is waterproof.


This next pen is the smallest pen i own, Ohto Needle-Point Cap Ballpoint Pen - 0.5 mm - Pearl Silver. Made in japan, this pen is also smooth but due to being so small its hard to use for a lengthy period of time. Nonetheless its still a cool little pen.


I love the grip on this next pen the Pentel Graphgear 1000 Ballpoint Pen - 0.5 mm. This is my second favorite pen. Just awesome!


The next two are the Pilot Dr. Grip G-Spec Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - White Flash Body and another pen that is referred to as an autograph pen. This pilot is a Japan only release but other than that its like your usual Pilot pen. There is a layer of air in between the rubber grip to keep the pen cool when used for a long period of time.


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found this really interesting felt marker/pen at Value Village. it's unused and came with a bunch of different tips including a chisel tip, flat/broad tip, and a round tip.

The body is made out of solid aluminum i think... it's essentially a refillable chamber for whatever ink i want to use. i just dont really know what type would be best to use.






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i wanna get a lamy safari, can anyone comment on how they are for daily use?

to clarify: i tried out my dad's pelikan that uses 4001 ink and it was really nice but i had finished a cartridge after writing about 4 pages of notes. if i get a lamy as my main pen will cartridges last a while or will i just be burning through them/better of with a ball point pen or something

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i own a lamy safari in both EF and M. I prefer M because it feels more fun to write with, but of course, ink runs out a lot quicker. they are great for daily use and normally what i use when i am writing.

i do prefer the flexible tip on the pelikan. i like 4001 ink. it's nice and runny.

i only own one pelikan, but would love to own a better quality one. the barrel doesn't twist on too well. i was thinking about getting a pelikan junior just to try it out. from pictures, it looks like it might be better built than the pelikano.

i prefer the more solid build on the lamy safari, but i wish the cap would fit differently, because the barrel can screw off on its own sometimes. this happened to my once. it was a big mess. the nib broke off and i can't fix it unless i want to spend $20 for a replacement nib unit.

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