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Brooklyn Top Ten

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Figured the time has come...

1. Sonny's Bar in Red Hook - Far away from everything, the only people there are people who know how amazing the place is. Maker's Mark and a PBR chaser, smoking cigarettes outside at 1am in the summer night...just good times.

2. Difara's Square slices with extra cheese - Sure, the place is mobbed, Dom is slow as fuck, and the prices are ripping you off but damn, best slice ever.

3. Manhattan Beach/Brighton Beach/Coney Island Esplanade - I'm partial since I grew up here but when the weather gets colder, there's nothing better than a stroll behind the expensive homes in Manhattan Beach and smoking cigarettes overlooking the ocean on this strip. Walking past into Brighton Beach is still pretty awesome.

4. Taro Sushi for two - $30 for tons of sushi...perfect for 2 people. The silkiest, freshest sushi...try the buttered scallop.

5. The Gate for beers with friends - preferrably the outside in the summer but inside on a cold night is just as nice.

6. Pete's Ale House - On Atlantic, my friend calls it a bar for real men...scotch, great food, quiet times...

7. L&b Spumoni Gardens - On 86th Street in Gravesend, square slices with beer batter apparently. Get 4 slices in yr stomach and yr set.

8. Walking through Dumbo in early Fall - Cliche, quintessential New York City. Best views of Manhattan, great vibe, great food at Rice and Superfine. Go to an art show and loft party where yr not invited.

9. Seeing a great country band at Pete's Candy Store - Can get crowded if its someone noteable but the bar is great when its quiet. Great outdoor backyard, good drinks, decent prices.

10. Bike Riding around Prospect Park - Goes from the white area to the black area and back. If everyone was on bikes, there would be no problems in the world.

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