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What do u guys think is the hottest brand from the state and why? also same for europe and japan?

Only street labels.

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i believe it is going to be very hard to list japan's hottest brand.

New streetwear companies come and go all the time and many of them are considered 'hot'.

also it depends if 'hot' is dependent on how good you think the design is.. or how many they have sold..

anyway smart low states mackdaddy as the hottest brand from japan, with swagger and bal following close. I don't agree with this but....

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there are a few components to deciding what makes a brand successful. of course, longevity is one. two is value. how do consumers see the brand. what do they get out of it? it's not how the product works, but what the consumer gets from the product. what are the emotional attributes of the brand? how does a brand touch the consumer?

kids who love bathing ape i presume, love the idea of exclusivity. nigo slapped some good branding on his product, with trade mark camo and limited runs of product. 3 stripes, the swoosh, you know what those are because of brand presence and recognition. many of the "street" brands have alot of potential but seem to never develop as a brand as successfully as some. that's why they come and go. they're usually only deemed as "hot" by editortial. and editorial opinions are mere opinions. is the shit hot, or is it a fad.

a brand could have good design/concept but if it's communication is unclear or if it's positioned wrong, it could go over the targeted cosumers head and fail. the best brands are the ones who's message is clear concise and consistant. that's why nigo is a fucking millionaire. kudos to him. but kudos to all the smaller guys trying to bring new stuff to the table.

*final home, porter (not head) and beams (the store) and Medicom Toy are good brands out of Japan; all have good brand presence (and recognition). nothing domestic as far as fashion goes stands out to me here in the states. but supreme is obviously successful, RTFT is pretty dope. Cloak menswear is a very good brand. Marc Jacobs is also a stong american brand.

this is way too long. sorry.


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