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STUDIO D'ARTISAN D1326 - the crazy lee/levis ones


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Has anyone bought these:


At first I thought they were ridiculous and silly but every couple of weeks I click on them and look at them, and wonder, and I have slowly become enamored with them. Has anyone bought a pair of these or seen some in person or broken in. They look like a regular to slimmish fit but I am not sure.

I think I am falling in love with them.

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Dogfarm - loving them enough to buy them? ;)

2-3 months ago no... but I am getting there.

What do I love about them - for one they are extremely unique - maybe they are gimmicky but at the same time it is a great gimmick. I really like the incorporation of lee and levis detailing. They are a sort of frankenstein jean and I am sure most would find pretty ugly but for me it is almost one of those so ugly they are cute kind of things (like with some dogs ie bulldogs, shar pie, mastiffs) but the main reason is the details, I like the arcs and both tabs, basically you get double of all the good stuff, so as long as they don't get snagged at the border or changed before they are shipped they are really very visually stimulating jeans. Also you would get double leg twist I guess both twisting into the center that would be neat, and also two different selvedge lines. I just really would like to see them modelled in real life or even with some wear on them. but maybe i'll get to be the first we will see.

here are some better pics of all the tasty details:


also the more I have looked into it the more I see my size is hard to come by 33X34

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I saw those and liked them too, but have too many other jeans running through my mind that these can't compete with.

They are a little strange, but in my opinion the details are not weird enough that they're like noticable like some gaudy evisu's or something. most 'normal' people wouldn't notice anything strange except 2 different pockets and maybe different fading after a lot of wear and washes, but who knows how the wear will look unusual side by side. I would love to see someone actually give these a run for their money, and I even considered it when I saw them but....too many jeans not enough time....

I say go for it, for selfish reasons :)

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definitely not jeans that are as flexible as your usual 5-pocket levi's...but i agree with bonanz, not franken-jeans so much so that you would look completely alien while wearing them.

plus we know that SDA denim may be visually more uniform than your average heavy weight cloth, but it's definitely no pushover. go for it. (if, like you said, you can find your size...)

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picked these up! on the way same thing happened with em looked at them at first and thought they were ugly as shit...but now theyve really grown on me and I cant wait to see these fade...

originally was looking for a jean with the 103 fit, because i loveee my 103's, looked at the 003 but thought these were way cooler. to each his own i guess.

heres a link to a predistressed faded pair looks cooool...


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keep us updated... I have a feeling that these jeans will age extremely differently from the pre-washed versions, just because each leg ( I think?) is made from a different type of denim (one is a RHT, Levi's style with a bluer cast, the other is a LHT, Lee style with a greener cast)

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Cross-Post from Fit Thread.

Studio D'Artisan D1326 Crazy-Flasher

Finally going to start wearing these. Size 32



Waist - 32

Inseam - 34

Leg Opening - 8.5


Waist - 32

Inseam - 35

Leg Opening - 8.5

Back Pocket Lee


Back Pocket Levis






Fit Front


Fit Back


Fit Side




Still undecided on cuffing and removing the stitched tags.

Post soak picture when dried.

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I was tucking the tags into the pockets, but the Levis one had to be folded over. Looked stupid so they have been removed now.

The cuts based on the 103. Fit looked much better on the pre-distressed model I tried on. But as it will look more like the pair I tried on over time, no stress.

The only thing Im pissed about is that I'm going to get bike seat fades. Hopefully it doesnt look too stupid.

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