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dino might

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after six months of a shitty house hunt, several offers,  we finally got the perfect house in rad neighborhood.

No more fucking open houses!!!!!


Edit- got the promotion i have been hustling for in the same week. Now i can afford mortgage.  


Edit 2, wife gets promotion same week.



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"With everything and spicy."


It's 3:17 AM. I've spent the last few hours unable to sleep, debating whether or not I should grab a kebab. Thank you.

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Driving anywhere with the windows down and good music on in the hour before the sun sets.

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Seeing networth and his trio of loser friends on here try to troll. Newsflash buddy, considering how much you think you know about me and call me gay I'm not the one looking at another dude's instagram up and down judging pictures. BTW being a deer is sick as fuck, its too bad you got stuck with the short end of the stick and ended up a lawn gnome.

PS I'd still beat the shit out of you


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