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rodney vs daewon vs haslam

who has the most nifty feet  

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  1. 1. who has the most nifty feet

    • Rodney Mullen
    • Daewon Song
    • Chris Haslam
    • Rodney Mullen with sweat band, high socks, and neon shorts.

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i would have to say 1.Haslam 2. Daewon 3.Mullen. To me, Mullen just bores me. He does do alot of neat technical freestyle tricks, but his style is just wack, and Haslam and Daewon both are way better overall skaters (miniramps, rails, etc ....). Mullen is all flip in flip out grinds and manuals and shit...

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GOOD FUCKING POLL, im really torn up on this one though, like daewon is the tech master, every manny combo and he takes it to the mini ramp too, but the same can be said for haslam - one foot front board shove it out, front board bigspin flips, but he also will tear up a mini (CHEESE AND CRACKERS anyone?). Round 2: Rodney Mullen vs Daewon Song is off the chain too, one of my all time favs. My only issue with rodney is that he sticks to that pogo and primo shit a little too much. im down for more technical ledge combos not handstand 360 flip primo to capser, to underflip to casper laser heel out...its gets kinda boring....but his capser slides back in the day were nutty. Daewon wins in my book becasue he has unrivaled balance and technical percision. Haslam is just staright nuts and rodney is legendary, but on his way out of the game.

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Its been a minute since I've watched a lot of the footie (any posted someplace?). I remember the first time I saw Rodney, I mean everyone remembers the first time they see him. Maybe not the most virsitile guy, but c'mon, the impact of his skating rivals so many.

Aside from that I don't really think that Cheese and Crackers really showcases the full extent of either haslam or daewan's abilities. It is a great vid though.

I think haslam edges out daewon in the end, only because he goes bigger and has more "traditional" skate style. Daewon is too tied to tech and it keeps things small IMO.

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Rodney is gonna be 41 this year, even though i think his past video parts have been a little too predictable, the longevity of the guy and his overall influence on skateboarding is amazing. but right now, i think Haslam is killing it...

my sentiments exactly..

haslams got some interesting variations.. always nice to see progress.

cheep, i know what you mean abt mad style, like gonz's video days part. one of my favorite, ever.. but flatland and tech tricks are dope in their own right too..

you gotta admit.

tbh, i cant decide between the three. hahah.

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