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MAG.NIFICENT magazine blog launch!

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Well it is FINALLY time for the official blog launch! This has been my labor of love for some time now and I only hope that others enjoy it as much as I have thus far. I want to see it grow and really turn into something special. This is my passion and there's nothing else out there like it, so with that said, I bring you the launch of http://mag.nificent.com



The magazine-obsessed now have an online home. MAG.NIFICENT takes the best (and craziest) of the print and online magazine world and reviews, critiques and blogs it up in daily doses. With big hopes for the future including a magazine shop guide, myspace page and message boards, MAG.NIFICENT is the first in it's game. Support an original. Hit up MAG.NIFICENT.

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u jokin man?! did u meet the crazy south african kid who makes it....the zine itself is just crazy babble its his sketchbook of crazy shit he carries around thats the true gold....

Nah...Dead serious.

I was sitting on my skateboard outside anthology on 2nd n 2nd on break from watching this crazy 7.5 hour movie Satantango, dude rolled up yelling out "wanna but some fo shizzle monizzle" or some such nonsense, and being that I was in a daze, I bought both that, and Sausagehead.

Like you, I thought that it was gonna be on some crazy art tip, as opposed to the humourous and bizzare religion side of things, but oh well...its worth it for the page with a cut out of Bill Clinton saying "I did not shizzle Monica's shizzle" alone.

Good times...

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