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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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Buzz Rickson Loopwheeled Sweatshirt


is this calvin oscar playing some sick and boring joke? trying to make a funny? putting on a wonder bra stuffed with tissue and dressing all superdenim?!?!

this would b "cool" (meaning i'd be able to put up with it/live and let live just like with the dinks in superdenim) if you were a hetero male. at least beetle had the butch BALLS to reveal her tits... honestly just cause u have a couple masculine male-coherent fits and incorporate labels that are seemingly acceptable in the super denim forum is of no positive consequence. it may have had/been if you had pretended to be a man( but you'd still be living a lie on the internet). instead you are but a mere female who is purposely clothed like a male who in a safe standard of dress somewhat typical in superdenim. typical for a male that is (although you may think that you are keeping it real or butch, this in theory is "when keeping it real goes wrong.")

miss denim gender bender, i suppose you wear boxers and a leather belt around your chest to smother your breasts. what's the belt htc?. if edmond was skinnier and poor he'd probably date rape you and steal your shit. if you actually have a penis pls disregard this.

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Not that anyone cares but I agree with the two posts regarding the loafers. I have never really understood wearing straigh-up dress shoes with shorts/no socks. Those loafers would be @ home with chinos or slacks but IMO they are too dressy for a comfy summer fit. Driving loafers, some type of mocs, or even the same shoe in a softer material would be more consistent.

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