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Ok, here a rundown of the latest regarding the style and cut of the button downs. The burgundy micro-check has been tapered slightly and so all of our new button downs will be tapered as well. This includes the olive/navy houndstooth. The one pictured above is not tapered, but when we have a small finished I post new fit pics.

The second button on the new shirts will also be lowered by one inch.

The collar will also decrease in width by about 1/2".

Finally, we won't be putting pockets on any of the button downs.

Here are two more styles. (Everything except for the smalls in the blue/navy micro-check will not have the pocket. The smalls are tapered though. The white striped Italian lawn will not have pockets except for one small (pictured). This one also has some faint yellow stripes as well (you can kind of see it in the last two pics)

Sorry for the confusion, we just want to offer the best shirt we can...







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We are doing a fire sale on our first generation button down made from mediumweight cotton shirting. We have a lot of these shirts because we were able to get the fabric at a great price and don't want to sit on them because we probably won't be selling too many at $76 because most of you guys want the new tapered fit with a traditional collar and button placement. (we'd rather get the cash to buy more great shirting material!)

For those that want this shirt tapered, you can always take it to the tailors (our garments are really easy to alter) and if you don't want the pocket, you can just use a seam ripper and it will come off without hurting the shirt.

For those that already purchased a shirt, pm me with your name and address and I will send you some free underwear.

Since it is a sale, no returns will be accepted.

$45 After SF Discount!



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