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Oops, i meant when will the shawl flannel be available?

They should be ready in a couple of weeks.

getting anymore of the $55 silver shawl neck shirts?

I have one more extra small. I'll pm you...

for the love of all that is holy, make that shawl neck button down in solid colors. oh god that design is so amazing...

We will see what material we can find...

Somehow I've never really given this thread a look. The chambray tees are interesting, and I'm digging the shawl-buttonup.

Nice stuff!

Thank you sir!

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We are having a blowout on all our bamboo boxer/briefs. We still will be making bamboo underwear, but we may be going with a different style, or just with a trimmed version.

All solid colors are $15 and the the navy trimmed ones (low qty) are $17.5.

US customers, please order from the website. For any international customers wanting more than one, please contact us because you will get charged too much for international shipping...









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We only have 2 XS, 2 S, 2 M & 1 L of this flannel. These are on the slim side. I am wearing a medium in the picture. I will do my best to get this up tonight or tomorrow night on the website.




A couple chambrays. Only have these two smalls now. We just got a load of chambray in today, so hopefully in the next two weeks we will have a full stock of these and the t-shirts.








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Got the flannels up. There isn't a link on the site yet, but here is the link. The sizing on the smalls and extra smalls is about a 1/2 size smaller than our normal button-ups, but the medium and large are pretty much our normal medium and large button up. Again, we only have 2 XS, 2 S, 2 & 1 L.



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