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i feel like encino man

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hallo superfriends

ive been on vacation from my life and im a bit overwhelmed now that im back

i would appreciate any help navigating this new superfuture of the future

so i guess a few need-to-knows:

are tags just for kicks?

what happened to superchat?

is the honeymoon over between america's favorite simian and reptile?

what factions are involved in the supertrash gangwar?

has beg released any more porn remixes?

do you like mayonnaise on your fries?

is minya still in fact merciless?

has science found a way to keep that raw denim shine after a few years of wear?

any plans for an east coast supergay convention yet?

thread recommendations would also be much appreciated, thanks in advance

how i missed this place :o

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for the honeymoon thing... i still love him, but he left me, alone, with 2 kids to feed.

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