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Where to spend winter time?


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Hello Community!

I would love to spend the next winter somewhere with warm climate. I want to leave the cold weather behind me for some weeks. 
So i hoped someone in this forum could give me an advise where I could go for my winter vacation.

l.g Michael

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We lost our dog who we had to nurse along the past few years which limited our travel so we spontaneously went to Costa Rica in March. Being American I didn't want to go to Puerto Rico or Mexico where a undertone of animosity would be occasionally present and TBH we really surprised by Costa Rica.

Spent the first 4 days in San Jose their big city by the airport. Probably a day or 2 too long for some but we found a boutique high rise called URBN filled with modern Airbnb's for about $60 a night right in a Gastro area. Downtown was cool, some brutalist architecture. But the food was amazing and for an upscale but reasonable time check Sikwa. 


Spent the last 4 days in Manuel Antonio their national park where the rainforest meets the beach. Incredible. You can get a giant coconut with a few shots of rum added at the entrance to the park for about $6. We stayed at Gaia, highly recommended. About $200 for a room ours was higher but it's 5 star and worth it. A solo car trip with driver between the airport is $150.





PXL_20220307_185859645 copy.jpg



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