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Seriously though, where did everyone go?


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On 11/10/2022 at 5:18 AM, evisu 2000 said:

what's wrong with 88, other than bey logan

i just felt like saying something specific and stupid, but tbh i don't fuck with their catalogue at all. people love horror and kung fu, though.

last thing i got was the andrzej zulawski set from eureka which is great. wanted to get pandora's box but £28 for a regular blu is pushing it.


*second run are an excellent label, in particular

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Assuming my Denim Pants count as trousers: just kind of a classic straight fit with a hem somewhere between 8.25-8.75" or so. I suspect I'll just stay with this fit indefinitely.

When I discovered raw denim in late 2009, I'd been wearing Levis 510 "super skinny" jeans from Urban Outfitters for a few years and naturally went for this exact same type of fit with Nudie. It was the heyday of the hipster sprayed-on tight pants aesthetic. It took me far too long to get over this; after getting slightly more relaxed in the mid 2010s (maybe), my tight-pants era had its last gasp when I briefly became intrigued by the SLP/Hedi Slimane aesthetic circa 2017 or so. But in fall 2018 I got a pair of Flat Head 3005 straight cut jeans and never looked back.

There were two turning points for me:

  • Realizing that the whole point of skinny jeans is to make you look tall and slim; I am already very tall and slim, so I really didn't need the extra help;
  • Realizing that I much prefer the creasing/fades of a more relaxed fit of jeans.

And they're also more comfortable, which is nice I guess.

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On 11/13/2023 at 12:01 PM, Magsåvningsreserven said:

how wide do you guys like your trousers lately?

Just quickly circling back on this: pants that are way too tight for my age, mostly

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