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Dior Homme Holy Grails AW03 "Luster" Leather Jackets, Waxed Jeans, SS04 STRIP Accessories, Boots Hedi Slimane


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Email me at [email protected] for faster transactions. Offers are welcome

HOLY GRAIL Dior Homme AW03 "LUSTER" Campaign Leather M65 Jacket
Just an interest check. No need to say anymore. Exactly the same one as on the runway and campaign. Looking mainly to trade this piece for a size smaller either in leather or cotton. This one is a size 50. Absolutely rare. Very thick heavy leather. Email me at [email protected] if you have the same jacket in a smaller size. I am of course willing to add cash for it. Thanks.


Dior Homme AW03 "LUSTER" Runway 3 Charm Belt Leather Jacket
Up for sale is this very rare 3 charm belted leather jacket from Dior Homme’s 2003AW collection “LUSTER†by Hedi Slimane. Excellent details. 3 charm studded belt. Dual slanted leather straps on the cuff. Detailed zip and stitching at the front. Very thick black leather with greenish tint. Size 50 fits like a 48. Made in Italy. Only selling so I can buy a smaller sized one. Willing to trade if you have the smaller size. Looking for 5000usd. Thanks.



Dior Homme Waxed Black Clawmark jeans size 30

Up for sale is a pair of the iconic waxed clawmark jeans from Dior Homme. This pair is from the 2003 Autumn-Winter collection “Luster†by Hedi Slimane which makes it the most collectible out of all the releases. Made in Japan. Size 30. Good condition. Selling only because I need this in a smaller size. Trades for a smaller size are welcome. Looking for 260 USD shipped within US. Thanks.





Dior Homme 04SS "STRIP" Silver Chainmail Bracelet Hedi Slimane
Up for sale is the very rare chainmail bracelet from Dior Homme’s Spring-summer 2004 collection “STRIP†by Hedi Slimane. The bracelet features 6 chains linked together at the end and has a lace-up closure. The lace has metal ends and the bracelet has a single Dior Homme engraved charm. It has some minor scuffs but its in pretty good shape (nothing a good cleaning couldn’t fix). the lace has some wear on it but is still doing its job properly, which is keep the bracelet closed. Also, no one would be able to see the laces anyways once you are wearing the bracelet. This piece is pure rockstar and is very hard to come by. Looking for 550usd shipped. Thanks


04SS STRIP Destroyed Waxed Jeans Size 27 BAS17.5
The iconic destroyed jeans in very rare size 27. Skinny fit 17.5cm cut. Mint condition. Looking for 750usd shipped within US. Thanks



Dior Homme AW03 LUSTER Black Leather Combat Boots

Up for sale is a pair of Black Leather Combat Boots from Dior Homme’s AW03 collection “LUSTER†by Hedi Slimane. Features waxed Laces. Black Leather upper. Rubber Sole. Made in Italy. Size 7 1/2 or 40.5. The heel is a bit worn as seen on the pictures that ios why I’m offering it at a low price. Looking for 240usd shipped within US. Thanks.




Dior Homme SS04 STRIP Black Leather Ankle Boots

Up for sale is a a pair of very rare leather ankle boots from Dior Homme’s Spring-summer collection “STRIP†by Hedi Slimane. Made in Italy. Size 40. Features a bee engraving on the sole. Sole has been vibramed. Excellent condition. Looking for 350usd shipped within US. Thanks



Dior Homme AW03 "Luster" Runway Trenchcoat size 44/46
Up for sale is the very rare runway coat from Dior Homme’s Autumn Winter 2003 season “Luster.†It has been featured in the runway campaigns and was worn by several models on the runway. It features napoleon style shoulder epauletes, a long center back vent and a double collar design. It also has intricate design stitches on the collar tips and sleeves. Size 44 or 46 available but only selling one. Color black and 100% cotton. Ref: 3HH1035061. Its in excellent condition but is missing the belt. Looking for $OLD! Thanks

Dior Homme AW03 "Luster" Swallowtail Coat size 46
Up for sale is this rare swallowtail jacket from Dior Homme’s Autumn-Winter 2003 collection “LUSTER†by Hedi Slimane. Color black. Size 46. Slim fit. Made in Italy. Reference number 3HH1026216. Excellent condition. Only selling because it doesn’t fit me well (I might need a 44). Looking for $OLD! Thanks

Dior Homme 03AW "LUSTER" Runway 3 Charm Leather belt
Up for sale is the very rare and iconic 3 charm belt from Dior Homme’s most famous collection “LUSTER†from 2003AW by Hedi Slimane. Worn by almost every model on the runway. This piece is a garrison belt design with different embossed charms hanging from the buckle. The belt is made from black leather with metal studs. Size 85 but easily adjustable. Made in Italy. Great condition except its missing the smallest charm in the middle. Not really noticable as you can see from the pics. Looking for $OLD! Thanks.

DIOR HOMME 04SS 'Strip' MII Black Studded Belt Silk Raincoat Jacket Sz44
Up for sale is a very rare raincoat from Dior Homme’s 04SS “STRIP†collection.Its made from a silk and polyester blend fabric which is very luxurious. Size 44. Has leather belted cuffs and collar. Waxed pull ties on the bottom, hood as well as the zip pulls. The zips has leather detailing. Has a hidden hood which stows away on the zipped collar. Elastic cuffs. Studded belt. Too many details to mention. Looking for $OLD! Thanks

Dior Homme VOTC 04AW Slash neck Shirt size 37
Up for sale is a size 37 black slash neck shirt from Dior Homme's 04AW campaigh "Victim of the crime." Very rare. Has some light fades but still very wearable. Looking for $old!

Dior Homme AW05 Runway Wool Peacoat size 46
Up for sale is a classic wool peacoat from Dior Homme’s 05FW collection. Perfect for winter. Slim fitting. Made in Italy. Great for size 44 wanting to have room for layering or a slim 46. Excellent condition. Looking $old! Thanks

Dior Homme SS04 "STRIP" Leather Metal Chain Bracelet
Up for sale is the very rare leather and chain bracelet from Dior Homme’s 2004 Spring-Summer Collection “Strip†by Hedi Slimane. It features a black leather band with a metal chain going through it. Has a waxed lace closure. Seen on the runway and paired with the chainmail bracelet that I am also selling. Has some minor dirt on the metal but can be easily cleaned. Looking for $OLD! Thanks

Dior Homme 05SS M65 Jacket size 44
Up for sale is a classic m65 jacket from Dior Homme’s 05SS collection. The Jacket is made of cotton. Made in Italy. Features shoulder epaulettes and a 4 pocket design with hidden buttons. It also has a tie around belt which can be styled in a number of ways. Size 44. Khaki green. Looking for $OLD!

Dior Homme 07 Shearling Jacket 44
This one needs no introduction. The very collectible shearling jacket from Hedi Slimane's last collection in the rarest size. Normal aging in the leather. It has 2 small pen marks at the back which is not really noticeable but I just thought I'd mention. Looking for $old

Dior Homme 06SS Beige Bomber Leather Jacket size 44
A very rare piece. Worn by Hedi slimane himself. The beige color is even rarer. Excellent condition. Looking for $OLD. Thanks

Rick Owens Scuba Leather Jacket
Great condition. Size XS. Kangaroo leather. Looking for $old

Carol Christian Poell Object Dyed Overlock Leather Jacket FW07
A very rare piece made of lamb leather with great overlock stitching. Size 44. Comes with tags and rice bag. Seen on Brad Pitt and Jude Law. Only worn sparingly for one season Looking for $OLD

Dior Homme "LUSTER" Leather and Wool finger gloves
From Hedi Slimane's AW03 collection "Luster". Worn by all the models in the runway. Made in France. Super rare
Looking for $OLD!

Dior Homme 06SS Black Bee Shirt Size 37
Up for sale is a classic Black bee shirt from Dior Homme’s 06SS collection by Hedi Slimane. Made in Italy. Size 37. Good condition. Has some minor fades on the cuffs and collar, The top most button also has some minor paint chip. Looking for $OLD. Thanks

Dior Homme SS03 "Follow Me" Metal Plate Elastic Belt
Up for sale is the elastic belt with metal plates from SS03. Very rare. Excellent condition. Comes with a dust bag. Looking for $old! Thanks


DIOR HOMME 03SS "Follow Me" Sneaker style Combat Boots
Up for sale is a pair of really cool combat boots from DIor Homme’s 2003 Spring-Summer collection “Follow Me†by Hedi Slimane. The boots are EU size 40. Black leather with leather soles. Waxed laces. Its in excellent condition. The leather soles are hardly worn because of the rubber stick-ons to protect it (can be removed easily unlike vibram). Very unique sneaker-like design similar to some Dior Homme high tops and current Saint Laurent ones. Only looking to sell because I’m in need of money. Looking for $OLD! Thanks

Dior Homme 05SS Black Leather D-point Belt size 80
Up for sale is the most classic and most renowned belt from Dior Homme. This was the original release from the 05SS campaign that features the double stitching on the side with the thicker leather. This one is in a rare size 80 (good for 28-32 waist) in black leather with a silver buckle. Looking for $old!

Dior Homme 04SS "STRIP" Studded Leather belt size 90
Up for sale is a very rare studded leather belt from 04SS Strip collection. It features 2 rows of symmetrical studs with a zipper detail in the middle. The zipper has waxed pulls with the zipper tab at the end featuring a punched hole design similar to the buckle on the strip runway stud belt. The belt has a slide in closure design. It is in black leather, made in Italy, size 90 and is in excellent condition. I’m only selling because its too big for me. Looking for $OLD! Thanks

Dior Homme 04SS "STRIP" Glossy Black Bee Shirt size 36
Up for sale is a glossy black bee shirt from Dior Homme’s 04SS collection “STRIP.†Its in a rare size 36. I think its perfect for a true XS/size 37. Excellent condition. Made in Italy. Looking for $OLD!

Dior Homme SS04 "STRIP" Black Beaded Wallet Chain
Up for sale is the very rare Black Beaded Wallet Chain from Dior Homme’s 2004 Spring-Summer collection “Strip†by Hedi Slimane. It features black crystal-like beads in varying sizes (similar to the one used on the beaded chainmail belt) with metal rings and hooks at the end. Has an engraved “Dior†on the metal ring. Looking for $OLD. Thanks

Dior Homme SS04 "STRIP" Silver Chain Brooch Pin
Up for sale is a brand new Dior Homme Silver Chain pin from Hedi Slimane’s Spring-Summer 2004 collection “STRIP.†Very rare. Signature CD placket connected to 2 pins through 4 chains. Dior Homme logo on one of the pins.Comes with tags. No box or dust bags. Looking for $OLD! Thanks

Dior Homme AW03 Luster Black Waxed Jeans size 26
Up for sale is the original waxed jeans from Dior Homme's Fall-Winter 2003 collection "Luster." Worn by several models on the runway. Features a very even coating of wax throughout with baked-in creases. Features a subtle hint of gold on the color. Made in Japan. Rare size 26. Unhemmed and unaltered. 7/10 condition. Has a small tear on the left back hem which is unseen when you stack the jeans (or have them shortened, your choice) the left back pocket was also repaired. Looking for $old! Thanks

Dior Homme AW03 "Luster" Black Shiny Pants size 48
Up for sale is a gorgeous pair of pants from Dior Homme’s infamous 2003AW campaign “Luster†by Hedi Slimane. It is made of 98% wool and 2% elastane. The fabric has a beautiful shine to it Made in Italy. Size 48. The pants measure 43cm at the waist, 21cm hem and a total length of 99cm. Its in excellent condition. Reference number 3HH1010201. Only selling because it is too big for me. Looking for $OLD! Thanks

07SS Dior Homme Jake Under My Car MII size 26 17.5cm
Up for sale is the first and best pair of Dior Homme Jake denim produced. From the 07SS collection, It was even worn by Hedi Slimane himself at the end of the runway show. This pair is like new with tags. Only worn once or twice. The original distressed areas are reinforced on the inside to prevent it from tearing away. Very rare size 26 in 17.5cm cut so this is skinny. Made in Italy. My favorite pair of jeans but in need of cash right now. Looking for $OLD!

Dior Homme Griffith Park Jeans in size 27 17.5cm cut
Up for sale is the very famous griffith park jeans from Dior Homme as seen on Orlando Bloom and Kanye West. Its in the rarest size 27 and 17.5cm cut. Made in Italy. Excellent condition. Comes with tags. Looking for $OLD!

Dior Homme 06SS Union Jack "Boy About Town" Tee Small
Up for sale is the very rare “Boy About Town†Union Jack Graphic Tee from Dior Homme’s 06SS collection. Seen on Hedi Slimane himself in several occasions. Color White, Size small. Made in Turkey. Has 2 small holes in the bottom front hem. Looking for $old! Thanks

Dior Homme 07AW "Navigate" Black Wool Cardigan Size Medium
Up for sale is a classic wool cardigan from Dior Homme. Features notches on the collar area. Ribbed hem and cuffs with front pockets. Size medium. Care tags were missing but according to a similar listing in Japan the reference code is 7H3420020016 and its 100% wool. Excellent condition. Looking for $old! Thanks

Dior Homme "STRIP" Metal Bracelet Wristband
From Hedi Slimane's reknowned SS04 collection "STRIP" The band is metal but stretches to accommodate the wrist. Has an engraved "CD" logo. Comes with dust pouch. Excellent condition. OFF THE MARKET

Dior Homme 03AW Luster Leather 3 Charm bracelet
A very rare piece from Dior Homme's most famous collection. In like new condition. Looking for $old

Dior Homme FW07 White Bee Shirt size 37
Up for sale is a classic bee shirt from Dior Homme’s FW07 campaign “Navigate†by Hedi Slimane. Excellent condition just some minor wrinkles. A must have for every wardrobe. 100% cotton. Made in Italy. Size 37. Looking for $old! Thanks

Dior Homme Grey Pierced Waxed Jeans size 27 BAS17
Up for sale is a BNWT Dior Homme Grey Pierced Jeans size 27 BAS17 from the 2010 collection. Only tried on once. The tags are unattached but will come with the jeans. Rare size 27. Has metal rings on the front pocket with suttle waxed details. Made in Japan. Looking for $old!

Dior Homme 06 Bleu Clair Pocket Tee XS
Up for sale is a BNWT Bleu clair (light blue) pocket tee from Hedi Slimane's 2006 season at Dior. Very subtle yet recognizable details. Looking for $old.

Dior Homme AW05 Wool Felt Ribbon Hat
Up for sale is a Dior Homme ribbon hat from 05AW in black felt. Made in Italy. Size 62. Good condition. Looking for $old

Dior Homme 07AW Wool Arm Warmers
Excellent condition. Goes perfect with coats and jackets. Looking for $old

Dior Hommme 07AW Sharp Notation Black Waxed Jeans size 27 19cm
Up for sale is the very rare Dior Homme Sharp notation black waxed jeans from Hedi Slimane's final season in Dior. Its in the rare size 27. Made in Japan. 19cm cut. Excellent condition. Very even wax throughout. Comes with tags and authenticity card. Looking for $old

Dior Homme Luster Neon Hoodie size M
An iconic piece from the most notable collection of dior homme. Size medium. neon green. TRADED

Dior Homme Dust Wash size 27
As seen on Jude Law. MII. Rare size 27. Great condition. Looking for $old

Dior Homme cube necklace
A very rare piece from hedi slimane. Excellent condition. Complete with dust bag and box. Looking for $old

Dior Homme 05 H-Buckle Belt Silver Black Leather size 85
H-buckle belt from Hedi Slimane in rare size 85. Even rarer is the colorway of a silver buckle and black leather (the usual is the gold one). Looking for $old

Dior Homme wallet chain/necklace
Excellent condition complete with dust bag and box. 4 chains with pendant that can be used as a wallet chain or a necklace. Looking for $old

Dior Homme Orange Overdye size 26
As worn by Hedi Slimane himself. MII. Rare size 26. Great condition. Looking for $old


in excellent used condition. Size 40. $old shipped within US
complete with box and dust bag. Suede insert at toe
Reinforced metal eyelets. Metallic leather inserts at sides
Leather innersole and lining. Rubber sole. Made in Italy

Dior Homme Hooded Wool Vest
Excellent condition. Size 44 from 2010 collection. Made in Italy. Looking for $old!

Dior Homme "The End" Tee by Hedi slimane.
This one is the red with white print version that is seen on the runway. Size medium. Looking for $old

Dior Homme Luster Waxed Black Clawmark Jeans in the very rare size 27.
From 2005. Hedi slimane era. Made in Japan. In great condition. Looking for $old

Dior Homme Blue Clawmarks size 27
Excellent condition. Looking for $old

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