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anyway, judging by your black colordrive pic, i'd say a size 25 would fit you perfectly

shoque: yes, worn a pair myself

i compared those two and the greydrives from the new batch are a little bit darker and not that comofortable, they feel like paper! they don't stretch as good. the rise is a bit higher too i think, what i absolutely dislike... i ordered a pair from the old batch off yoox.

what do you think about my fit? should i have sized up 1?

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So here I am, revisiting this thread for the umpteenth time...

Since the sizing is all crazy bat-shit over the place, I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on anything. Doesn't help that the one store I know that stocks them in Toronto doesn't have anything close to my size. Anywhore, the batch of greys on Yoox are from last season, no? For a guy with a natural 31" waist, I'm assuming a pair of 30's should be alright? Basically my Dior/APC size.

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are they skintight??

because my real waist size is 33" or so and i got the munich colordrives in size 30...

they 'feel' tight in the waist for the first couple of days but it gets easier.

it feels good after because you don't have to constantly pull up your pants.

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Anyone here owns the petrol or navy dischords from the previous seasons. do they fit true to size or could i sized down for this?

I'm normally a w26-27 and am unsure of what size to order this time round as my experience with the older batch black dischords was inconsistent so yeah, help me out?


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okay i've seen so much conflicting throughout the thread i'll ask, just as everyone else has, and hopefully get somewhere:

I WANT BORDERLINE SKINNY FIT. (as in more than just "slim," but not "i have chicken legs and like to show them" skinny)

on joeys from the most recent season (with all the new branding), size down one, go true to size, or size up one.

please choose one of the three and respond. thanks in advance, +rep to those who help.


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